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The latest and greatest from the world of Legal Files, including new product announcements, new releases of the software, new customer announcements, and team member announcements. 
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If you're interested in working for a leader serving the legal community, we'd like to hear from you.
Our Approach
One thing hasn't changed -- we still do business exactly the same way. Today those founding principles and Midwestern values still guide the way the company does business. We develop our applications in real, working legal environments and work hard to incorporate the absolute latest software advancements from legal ebilling to complete data synchronization. We are proud to note that Legal Files Software, Inc. has never used offshore subcontractors to accomplish any application development, customization or project implementation. Furthermore, Legal Files Software, Inc. provides all the support and training you need to let your custom configure your new software. Legal Files matter management software helps us build lasting relationships with our customers. We've found that when we commit ourselves to our customers, our customers commit themselves to us.
Our History
Founded in Springfield, Illinois, hometown of Abraham Lincoln, Legal Files Software, Inc. has grown to become an international developer and provider of legal department matter management and practice management software, specializing in litigation support, document assembly and integrated groupware.
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