Legal Department Software for West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection | Legal Files Software

Legal Department Software for West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Legal service providers in the public sector need the right case management software Professionals in public sector and government legal departments perform many of the same duties and tasks as other types of law firms and offices. They offer legal advice and representation to their

Best Matter Management at the International Municipal Lawyers Association Mid-Year Seminar | Legal Files Software

Files Software Discusses Best Matter Management at Industry Event International Municipal Lawyers Association Mid-Year Seminar happens every April When most people think of spring, images of blooming flowers and rain showers come to mind. However, something else happens this time of year that members of the public sector legal community should know about: the International

Benefits and Features – Corporate Matter Management | Legal Files Software

Benefits of and Features for Corporate Matter Management Corporate legal departments need the right software to meet their unique needs It’s a fact that corporate legal departments are different from your typical law firms. They focus on a wide variety of issues ranging from contracts and compliance to litigation. Additionally, they have to handle countless

Legal Matter Management for Rheem Manufacturing Company | Legal Files Software

Rheem Manufacturing Company Picks Legal Files Software for Legal Matter Management Paper filing systems may have worked in the past, but the future is digital Historically, most legal departments maintained paper copies of their documents in filing cabinets. This organizational method may have worked in the past, but the needs and demands of modern corporate

Case Management Software for the Illinois Education Association | Legal Files Software

Legal Files Provides the Illinois Education Association with Case Management Software Legal Departments with multiple offices require special case management software Large legal departments with several locations face distinct challenges in the areas of collaboration and organization. Finding an efficient way to manage documents and email can be overwhelming, while sharing information and files across

Why Legal Files? Selecting Legal Case Management Software By Matt Ryan,
Legal Files Senior Consultant

I just finished reading the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek. It first appeared on The New York Times Best Sellers List back in 2009. While some of the book’s examples are a bit dated (check out Sinek’s TED Talks for a more updated version), I believe its core message still resonates today. The

Legal Matter Management for the University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame Selected Legal Files Software for Legal Matter Management Legal Files Software helps the University of Notre Dame stay on track Staying organized is important in any legal department, but it’s absolutely essential in the Office of General Counsel for a large university. Minimizing a university’s exposure to legal risk, while

Legal Case Management for the City of Pasadena

The City of Pasadena Trusts Legal Files Software for its Legal Case Management Legal Files Software supports law firms and legal departments looking for new solutions Sometimes, law firms and legal departments that have an existing case management software solution need to find a new provider. Whether the existing solution just isn’t working, the support

Benefits and Features – Claim and Legal Case Management for Insurance Litigation

Insurance litigation requires the right claim and legal case management software Practitioners in the field of insurance litigation know that this area of the law presents special challenges. Insurance companies need quick and convenient access to data for claim and legal case management. Companies also need software that has the ability to track claims, policy

Legal Files Software Provides Case Management to Legal Services of Connecticut

Providers of legal aid services need effective case management solutions Legal aid offices are unique because they require specialized case management software to meet their needs. For example, legal aid providers must perform client income eligibility determinations, while also collaborating with offices around the state. Legal Services of Connecticut faced these challenges, and it selected

Case and Matter Management for Multi-Office Law Firm

Legal Files Case and Matter Management Software Serves a Multi-Office Law Firm A law firm with multiple locations selects Legal Files to manage its statewide practice In today’s modern and interconnected world, it’s common for law firms to have more than one location. While having multiple offices is an excellent way to reach more clients

Flexible Matter Management Software

Legal Files Case and Matter Management Software Adapts to the Needs of a Growing Law Firm An evolving law firm selected Legal Files to support its growth The legal field is always changing and evolving, so the needs and scope of your practice can change at any time. However, not all case and matter management

Legal Files to Attend Legaltech New York |

Leader in Matter Management, Legal Files, to Attend Legaltech New York Legal Files Software, Inc. often attends industry conferences and trade shows, including Legaltech New York Since being founded in 1990, Legal Files Software, Inc. has grown into a leading provider of legal case and matter management software. As a thought leader in the area

Legal Department Software for Public Sector

Selecting Legal Department Software for the Public Sector Attorneys in the public sector need legal department software that meets their unique needs  Any attorney who has worked in the public sector knows that it’s very different work from what an attorney might encounter in private practice. The unique demands and challenges of the public sector

Selecting a Legal Matter Management Software

Legal matter management software can increase efficiency and reduce costs Legal departments have a lot to manage each day, including billing, calendars, contacts, documents, and email. It can be overwhelming. However, properly selected and implemented legal matter management software can integrate all of these pieces into one tool. This increases organizational efficiency, which also saves

Reasons to Adopt Case Management Systems

Case management systems have become common in law firms and legal departments The first legal case management systems rolled out in the 1980s. Since then, thousands of firms and legal departments have invested in these systems as a way to improve efficiency and client service. Although the benefits of case management are well documented, some law offices

Case Management System Considerations for University Legal Departments

University legal departments need the right case management system The legal department of a university or college is unlike any other practice. While you deal with some traditional legal issues, like contracts and litigation, you also handle unique topics, including athletics, diversity, and fundraising. You and your staff also work with many different departments and

Converting to a New Case Management System

Converting to a new case management system is a lot like moving to a new office A case management system contains all of your firm’s important data, including calendars, contacts, documents, emails, research, and tasks. Once you decide to convert data from your existing system to a new one, you should approach it much as

Crime Victims Law Center to Implement Legal Files Software

“One of primary goals with Legal Files is to have everything in one, central place, so all case information is easily accessible and can be viewed from different perspectives.” Springfield, Ill., July 25, 2016—Legal Files Software, Inc. announced today that it will implement its popular legal case management software at the Oregon Crime Victims Law

Why Do You Need Follow-Up Training for Your Legal Files Software?

If you’re a current Legal Files user, you’ve already taken advantage of the program’s flexible, customizable abilities. All of our customers complete an initial training when they first purchase and implement Legal Files because training is arguably the best way to maximize your software investment. During that training, the Legal Files Software, Inc. team assists

Celebrating 25 Years of Legal Files and the Customers Who Made It Happen

In July 1990, Legal Files Software, Inc. was born in Springfield, Ill. Twenty-five years later, in July 2015, we kicked off a year-long celebration of our silver anniversary. For the past 25 years, we’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of users who depend on our software for legal matter management. Today, we’d like to

We’ll See You at the IMLA Mid-Year Seminar 2016 in Washington, D.C.

We’re not even halfway through the year, but our 2016 calendar is already overflowing. In the coming months, we’re going to be busy with seminars, conferences and trade shows, as well as wrapping up the festivities during our 25th anniversary celebration. And if you plan to attend this year’s International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) Mid-Year

Legal Files: Software for Business

As you probably know, our client list isn’t limited to law firms. Our client base includes a diverse array of both public agencies and corporations working in a multitude of industries from higher education to finance. NextWave Enterprises, LLC, is one such organization that recently selected Legal Files Software, Inc. The company chose Legal Files