Month: November 2015

Keeping your Project On-Track: Legal Files’ World-Class Service

At Legal Files, we believe that the implementation of our off-the-shelf case management system software should be made as simple as possible for our clients. Legal Files software was designed with fast access and user-friendliness fully in mind, from set-up to daily use. But because our software is highly-customizable to suit the unique needs legal

Legal Files for Law Firms

Our name may belie it, but Legal Files software is fully customizable to the needs of many different types of organizations, from universities to government bodies, to various corporate entities – not just law firms. That said, more than 25 years ago we got our start developing our case management software in a working legal

How Can our Legal Management Software Apply to Your Industry?

A common misconception we encounter in those who are first hearing about our Case & Matter Management Software is that our product applies only to law firms and other entirely law-oriented organizations. In reality, our software can be used in a variety of different contexts, including at universities, insurance agencies, government offices and any organization