Why Legal Files?

“When you purchase case management software, one is not buying a box: one should be entering into a relationship with a company that is invested in your firm’s success. In our experience, Legal Files has been a fantastic partner.” – Marc Mayerson, Principal, The Mayerson Firm

Why Legal Files

With a history rooted into the values of hard work and ingenuity, we’ll continue to develop and use the best available technology in order to provide the highest quality software to our customers. But we promise never to lose sight of the people we serve. At Legal Files you are never a number or just a client, but a partner. This personal approach has proved successful for more than two decades.

Our founding principles and Midwestern values still guide the way the company does business. Legal Files builds lasting relationships with our customers. We’ve found that when we commit ourselves to our customers, our customers commit themselves to us.

Case and matter management is all we do ─ and we do it better than anyone else. In addition, since Legal Files Software, Inc. is not a subsidiary of another organization with other, unrelated lines of business and interest, the company is able to provide a true partnership with its clients, resulting in a level of customer service that is truly unique in the legal software industry.

Blending the reasonable cost of an off-the-shelf solution with the customization capabilities of a more expensive custom-built solution, Legal Files offers the marketplace’s best option for meeting unique and changing requirements. .

Legal Files’ integration with Microsoft Office (including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) is one of Legal Files’ most notable features.  Documents, email, contacts, appointments, documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be saved to Legal Files directly from the MS Office application.  The integration utilizes HTTP and XML technology that provides a much faster and more secure data transmission to the server over traditional FTP methods.

Many other applications, unlike Legal Files, are “tied” to other products or services, restricting the choice of users and forcing the purchase of substandard or unnecessary functionality or services.  And, since legal case and matter management software is our only business, we devote 100 percent of our energy and resources to the application. Our small business environment sparks creativity and encourages innovation.

Legal Files Software, Inc. has never used off-shore subcontractors to accomplish any application development, customization or project implementation. Legal Files Software, Inc. provides all the support and training necessary to allow you to custom (non-technical) design the software.

Whatever your requirements, type of organization or geographic location, Legal Files Software, Inc. is confident in being able to deliver the best solution for your legal management needs.