Why Legal Files?

“When you purchase case management software, one is not buying a box: one should be entering into a relationship with a company that is invested in your firm’s success. In our experience, Legal Files has been a fantastic partner.” – Marc Mayerson, Principal, The Mayerson Firm

Why Legal Files

Legal Files delivers the unified desktop you desire, managing data, documents and all activity, plus the management tools to better manage workflow and staff. Blending the reasonable cost of an off-the-shelf solution with the customization capabilities of a more expensive custom-built solution, Legal Files offers the marketplace’s best option for meeting unique and changing requirements.

Legal Files Software, Inc. has successfully implemented fully integrated solutions for 750+ installations around the world, including government agencies at all levels, and has been responsible for personally implementing every customer from our smallest to the largest during the company’s nearly 30 years in business.

Legal Files Software, Inc. employs a full-time staff of professionals who have responsibility for implementing the Legal Files solution for our customers. This team includes project managers, data conversion specialists, system interface developers and trainers. Each individual is a specialist in his or her respective field and operates under the common goal of a successful implementation. The Legal Files team offers an enviable record of implementing large-scale projects on time and on budget.

Many other applications, unlike Legal Files, are “tied” to other products or services, restricting the choice of users and forcing the purchase of substandard or unnecessary functionality or services.  And, since legal case and matter management software is all we do, we devote 100 percent of our energy and resources to the application. Our small business environment sparks creativity and encourages innovation.

As an example of this innovationLegal Files’ integration with Microsoft Office (including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) is one of Legal Files’ most notable features.  Documents, email, contacts, appointments, scanned documents and video can be saved to Legal Files directly from the MS Office application.  The integration utilizes HTTP and XML technology that provides a much faster and more secure data transmission to the server over traditional FTP methods.  This popular “Save to Legal Files” functionality is also available for Adobe Acrobat, Gmail and GroupWise.

Whatever your requirements, type of organization or geographic location, Legal Files Software, Inc. is confident we can deliver the best solution for your legal management needs.