How Can our Legal Management Software Apply to Your Industry?

Legal case management and legal matter management software developer marks anniversary

A common misconception we encounter in those who are first hearing about our Case & Matter Management Software is that our product applies only to law firms and other entirely law-oriented organizations. In reality, our software can be used in a variety of different contexts, including at universities, insurance agencies, government offices and any organization that routinely handles and wants to better manage files, documents (including contracts), contacts, emails and other facets of conducting business. To help better outline how our software could apply to your industry, we’ve put together a brief explanation that we feel provides for a good basis of understanding. If you have more questions, call us! Our Sales staff is always happy to answer questions from both prospective clients and long-term users of our product.


Universities often need a way by which to organize and manage contracts, transactions and employment agreements, whether they possess in-house legal counsel or outsource their legal services. Our law department software can assist in tracking external AND internal resources, while cutting time and increasing productivity. We count Boston University, SUNY, UMass, University of Notre Dame and other well-known establishments amongst our clientele. Additionally, departments outside Legal, including Human Resources, Labor Relations, Compliance, AA/EEO and Procurement use Legal Files to work collaboratively and efficiently.


With Legal Files for insurance and re-insurance companies, you can easily access the information needed to handle and track claims and their related files. Along with standard office management features – such as email integration, mail tracking, checklists, task delegation, calendars and activity logs – our versatile software provides incredibly efficient and profit-increasing claims management and office-wide contact management, along with a pleadings index. Other features – such as document text searching – are invaluable in saving time. TD Insurance, American Family Insurance, and many others trust us to provide their legal enterprise management software.


Public defenders and others involved in governmental legal processes – such as investigators, inspectors general, recruiting offices and even elected officials looking to track constituent requests – can help organize their legal divisions and case/matter information through our in-house Case and Matter Management software, helping to maximize the productivity of limited resources. We are proud to list the cities of Baltimore and Memphis, along with many other cities and towns, as well as offices such as that of the Arizona Attorney General and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, on our client list.

Legal Files Software, Inc. does not use, and has never used, third-party or offshore subcontractors, making it a suitable choice for U.S. government agencies looking to work with a U.S. based partner.


The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, Omnicare, Inc. and other major healthcare providers use our flexible software for a variety of purposes as well. Our management software is flexible and customizable to meet the unique and changing needs of these providers.

Law Firms

Law firm professionals praise the customizability and organizational qualities of our management software; some have used Legal Files for decades because Legal Files is able to grow and change with them. Small and large firms alike are able to organize a large and growing amount of data over distant geographic areas or involving multiple jurisdictions.
To learn more about our software, or to request your own live demo, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can receive an online demo on demand by simply filling out our form to access the video.