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The James Law Group Selected Legal Files as Its Case Management Software

A bad experience with software can make a law firm nervous to select new vendor

Any law firm that has had a negative experience with technology understands how nerve-wracking it is to look for a new case management software. What if the new software is flawed? What if the vendor isn’t helpful or responsive?

The James Law Group was concerned about finding the right case management software after having a terrible experience with a bookkeeping program. However, after doing some research, the group felt comfortable selecting Legal Files Software, Inc.

A negative experience with software left the James Law Group with a bad taste

The James Law Group, based in Missouri, provides representation in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and criminal defense matters. To provide the best possible service to its clients, the group needed effective and reliable case management software.

In the 1980s, the James Law Group had a bad experience with a bookkeeping program. A year after installing it, a graphic of a bomb appeared on the screen. The software vendor had failed to pay the programmer and the disgruntled worker responded by inserting a “bomb” into the program. Ultimately, the program “exploded” and the group lost all of its data.

When the group realized years later that it needed case management software, it wanted to make sure its next technology experience was a positive one. “It’s a very big decision, a stressful situation,” Office Administrator Lynne James explained. “Everyone is depending on you to make the right decision.”

James started reading legal technology publications, visiting legal conferences and requesting demonstrations of software programs. Once she narrowed the field to a handful of programs, she began to look past functionality. “Given our previous experience, I wanted to make sure that the next company was going to be around five years from now. I wanted to meet more than just one sales person. I wanted to meet and get to know the people behind the company. I wanted to be sure they would back up their product.”

 Legal Files Software offers a superior product and strong support

“From the beginning, we saw Legal Files Software as one of the top programs. It always stayed at the top of our list. But, more importantly, I had a very good feeling about the people. They were straightforward and honest, and I liked dealing with them,” James said.

The James Law Group selected Legal Files Software in 1997, and the group is still happy with that decision today. “It’s great. I can’t tell you enough good things about Legal Files Software,” James said. “I’m also pleased with tech support, how responsive they are, and how they handle our inquiries. Plus, Legal Files Software is always working on upgrades and our suggestions are always welcomed.”

The firm enjoys increased productivity and the convenience of being able to access its Legal Files data remotely. “You access your files remotely as if you were actually sitting right in front of them!” James said.

James empathizes with law firms that are currently evaluating case management software, and she stresses the importance of doing proper research. “Make your decision based on the research that you have done on the product, but don’t forget to evaluate the company and the people behind it,” James said. “It’s a difficult decision, but look how it turned out for me, I’m a hero.”