Celebrating 25 Years of Legal Files and the Customers Who Made It Happen

In July 1990, Legal Files Software, Inc. was born in Springfield, Ill. Twenty-five years later, in July 2015, we kicked off a year-long celebration of our silver anniversary. For the past 25 years, we’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of users who depend on our software for legal matter management. Today, we’d like to continue the celebration by thanking the most important people in the development of Legal Files: Our clients.

Our clients come from all markets and industries; and thousands of international and national users at financial organizations, governmental offices, retailers, hospital systems, insurance agencies, transportation organizations, educational institutions, law firms, non-profits and legal aid organizations depend on Legal Files matter management for their successful daily operations. It’s from them that we’ve learned the most: Our program was developed in working legal environments, and it was only with real world experience that we could develop software as powerful and complex to provide electronic legal matter management at even the largest corporations or organizations. Countless ideas and improvements to the software over the years were offered by customers who helped us develop Legal Files—in fact, some of the software’s most popular features wouldn’t have been developed without customer input.

For our part, we at Legal Files Software, Inc. do our best to give back to our customers by offering the best legal matter management software and related services that we can. Since Legal Files is our only product, we can dedicate 100 percent of our time to continuously improving the application. Needless to say, we carefully take customer feedback into consideration when making improvements to Legal Files, so that the program can easily be used without technical assistance in fast-paced, complex legal environments. Furthermore, Legal Files is made so that is easily customized to suit the particularities of virtually any legal environment.

Since we’re not a subsidiary of any other organization, our only interest is our clients and how to help them improve their legal matter management. In addition to developing the best matter management software available anywhere, while incorporating the latest in technological advances and maintaining ease of use, we’ve also worked to develop and maintain interfaces between Legal Files and other industry leading products such as Microsoft Office.

Learn more about Legal Files Software, Inc. at https://www.legalfiles.com and view a sampling of our clients here.