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Legal Files Case and Matter Management Software Adapts to the Needs of a Growing Law Firm

An evolving law firm selected Legal Files to support its growth

The legal field is always changing and evolving, so the needs and scope of your practice can change at any time. However, not all case and matter management software providers are able to keep pace. Their software solutions lack the flexibility and scalability to handle larger workloads or different case types, forcing you to purchase a new system to accommodate changes in your firm or department.

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP wasn’t content to implement just any software. The firm wanted a solution that could evolve and change with them. They found what they were looking for with Legal Files Software.

Legal Files Software offers unique case and matter management software – with flexibility and scalability

For more than 20 years, Hagens Berman focused on personal injury cases. However, the firm later added complicated consumer class action cases to the practice. When the firm decided to replace its existing case and matter management software in the fall of 1999, the law firm wanted a system that could meet the needs of different practice areas, provide enough flexibility to evolve with the firm, and possess the ability to track deadlines. Hagens Berman ultimately selected Legal Files, and the firm couldn’t be happier.

Legal Files was designed to be used and customized by any law firm or legal department, regardless of location, practice area, or size. As a result, the system can grow and change with a firm. Hagens Berman is proof of this. Although over a decade has passed since the firm first implemented Legal Files, the system is still able to serve the growing and evolving needs of the practice.

Hagens Berman still sings the praises of Legal Files, after more than a decade of use

Perhaps no one at Hagens Berman is more familiar with Legal Files than the firm’s office manager, Clare Borden, and she had nothing but high praises for the application. According to Borden, “Legal Files is a total, complete package.” When asked about the system features, Borden commended the software’s ability to track deadlines and statute dates as well as its ability to create error-free settlement statements.

Those aren’t the only features that Hagens Berman utilizes. “We use every aspect and component of Legal Files – calendars, email, tasks, mail logs, notes, telephone logs, expense/cost tracking, document assembly. And with our class action work, we use many of those same tools, plus we use the Time Keeper a lot more,” said Borden.

Borden and her team appreciate more than just the software though. They also applaud the customer support from Legal Files. According to Borden, “Any time we’ve had a question or gone through an upgrade, we have found everyone (at Legal Files) to be extremely helpful and very supportive.”

Hagens Berman has relied on Legal Files case and matter management software over the years to support the firm’s growth and evolution. Thanks to the flexibility of Legal Files, the law firm has no need to purchase a new system to keep up with the evolution of the practice. “Legal Files is thorough and (its people are) helpful,” Borden said. “I would recommend it to anyone.”