Four Ways Legal Files Software Can Benefit Insurance Companies

Insurance and re-insurance companies must keep track of thousands of claims.  Staying organized can be challenging.  Here are four ways Legal Files Software, Inc.  can help benefit insurance companies:

Monitor Your Claims

Have almost instant access to the details you need including the date and place of the loss, filing information, as well as policy limits and reserves.  Managing your claim litigation can be an organizational nightmare; with Legal Files, tracking and managing all types of claims is now easier than ever.

Track Items and Outside Counsel

Use Legal Files to track the details of any item involved with a claim—including vehicles, dwellings and other property.  You can also use Legal Files to more easily predict and control outside counsel spending and quickly review and approve invoices.  Plus, you can also manage documents and automatically create a pleadings index in just one program.

Stay Current with “Manage My Day” 

With Legal Files’ exclusive “Manage My Day” homepage, you can manage your entire business day.  Here you will also find Heads Up which automatically notifies you of all kinds of important info – such as email, tasks/to-do’s and deadlines—all on one screen so important information yet to be resolved is quickly brought to your attention.

Manage All Of Your Documents

Legal Files provides a document management system that’s built directly into the best legal case management system. You can create a template just once, and then generate document after document.  Automating routine correspondence has never been easier.