Helping Public Sector Attorneys & Government Legal Departments with Legal Files

Attorneys, paralegals, inspectors, investigators and internal affairs managers in the public sector command positions that demand a highly productive, efficient and well-organized environment. We’ve successfully combined administrative and law department matter management into one easy-to-use system to give these government employees unparalleled in-house matter management capabilities. Through the years, we’ve built an extremely capable system, able to assist government agencies with many different matters, including investigative case management.

Our clientele can efficiently and accurately monitor workloads, trends and outcomes through our advanced legal management features. Our software even enables officials to track constituent requests without any hassle.

At Legal Files, we do more than provide case and matter management software. We bring government bodies a highly reliable and experienced consultative partner able to cater to specific complex problems and provide solutions, drastically improving the way departments accomplish their mandates

See what our client family says about us.

We have helped many government legal departments improve their processes and procedures throughout our 25 years of dedicated software development. The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Child Welfare Department is no exception.

Tom Dahl, paralegal for the Ojibwe Child Welfare Department, spoke about Legal Files on behalf of his organization. He said, “Say I have to pull a file, [In the past] I’d have to go look in two-three different places … I would consider it very much an organizational tool.” Dahl talks about how many tasks within his organization are only a click away now, with Legal Files. Their clients commend the department on their organization and quick reference skills, processes that are all bolstered by Legal Files Software. Dahl attributes our software with much of the praise he’s received in the past.

We’ve also gotten positive feedback from the New Hampshire Board of Tax & Land Appeals, who have found great value from Legal Files Software. Anne Stelmach, Clerk/Attorney for this organization, attests that with Legal Files they can process up to 800 appeals within two to three months, something unsurmountable before the software was being used.

Stelmach greatly appreciates our software. She said, “We have not had to search for files very often, because Legal Files has it all, and we’ve designed it that way… I’m very excited about not having to find missing files, it’s saved me a lot of time.” Saving time is just one of the goals we hoped to achieve when we developed this software 25 years ago.

Stelmach also was kind enough to talk about our superior support system. Stelmach said, “That’s one of the things that makes this software so great, when you run into a problem, you get an answer, you don’t get put on hold. You’re their priority.” We’ve gotten where we are today by sticking to our beliefs and never cutting any corners with our business. We’ve never outsourced any development, whatsoever. All of our support, service and training staff are in-house, fulltime professionals and trained by the best in our business.

Don’t just take our word on our legal case management system; we’ve spent years developing it, along with client relationships. We’ve been at it for 25 years and we’re not stopping any time soon. Contact us today for information toll-free in the U.S. and Canada at 800.500.0537.