Keeping your Project On-Track: Legal Files’ World-Class Service

At Legal Files, we believe that the implementation of our off-the-shelf case management system software should be made as simple as possible for our clients. Legal Files software was designed with fast access and user-friendliness fully in mind, from set-up to daily use. But because our software is highly-customizable to suit the unique needs legal professionals may have, and because of many variables including technical environments, training needs and legal systems, Legal Files provides our customers with the assistance they need to decide the best possible configuration of their new system..

We don’t abandon our customers once a sales contract is signed.  In fact, many customers say the assistance we provide during implementation and training is where Legal Files differs from many other vendors.  Legal Files works with you so you can tailor Legal Files to your requirements and optimize its many tools to get done what you need done in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Legal Files Project Managers

The establishment of a project team is imperative to the successful implementation of your Legal Files software, and communication between our team and yours is essential for understanding what you are trying to accomplish, what roles each team will undertake in achieving these goals successfully, and the approach we will take to get the desired results.

Client participation is of utmost importance during these crucial planning steps, as well as throughout the process of custom configuring Legal Files software.  After more than 25 years of experience in configuring and installing Legal Files software for clients, we have established a proven process to benefit our clientele. While Legal Files’ in-house professionals will undertake the majority of necessary tasks, client participation is crucial to success; accordingly, we recommend that your project team be led by both a project manager from Legal Files Software, Inc. and a project manager or project lead from your organization, working in conjunction with others to ensure that deadlines are met and a successful implementation is achieved with a knowledge transfer to key users.

Legal Files Trainers

Another service we provide to our clientele is Legal Files training from full-time, certified Legal Files trainers who are able to provide instruction on every aspect of our software, in order to help users gain the knowledge they need to adapt to their new Legal Files system. While our software was designed with user-friendliness and efficiency in mind, it is a powerful and unique tool that requires training.

Accordingly, our resident trainers provide hands on comprehensive training sessions for both administrative and end users, teaching curriculum developed specially for you, offer training manuals and other documentation for future reference, and design and assign practice exercises to better acquaint your employees with the software.

Legal Files Help Desk

Many people find computer and software issues extremely frustrating, and we fully understand the sentiment. To help clients with their Legal Files questions, we have set up an in-house support system. Telephone and email support are available for everyday “how-to” questions, or “talk-through” technical support as it relates to Legal Files.

Our Help Desk team can even remotely access a user’s desktop to help answer the question or solve the problem.  The software itself also comes with an extensive Help section, and an online, secure section of the Legal Files website offers a library of information that includes training manuals, documentation, and build notes..

Finally, unlike many other software providers, we do not use a call center in our operations.  Wstrive to answer each call as it is received.  Our Help Desk operates from our Midwest headquarters, and support is provided by Legal Files employees, not third-party consultants or offshore call centers. .

To learn more about our extensive services and support, visit our Services and Support page or give us a call at 800-500-0537.