Legal Files – In House Service, In-House Software

We value our support staff as much as our clientele does, and for good reason. They are constantly on call for our clientele and they help bring out the true value of our software. That’s why we have all of our development and support staff in-house. Having staff based in America instead of outsourcing it isn’t the cheapest option, but we feel it’s the option that makes our clientele most comfortable, and through our efforts, we also contribute significantly to the American economy by creating jobs.

Our help desk is regularly available for support nationwide, except on certain national holidays, at 217.726.6400. There’s no operator, and you’ll always be able to talk to a person about your problem and be directed towards the best solution. We handle our support through three levels of assistance.

Tier 1: Support for “How-To” Questions – At this level of service, our team of experts is able to describe all of the processes and procedures in the Legal Files Software. They can guide clientele through any element of the software with which they need to be acquainted.

Tier 2: Support for “Talk-Through” System Maintenance – Many times, it’s possible to resolve potential problems or issues with the software without a visit from our staff. Our team will talk you through the process of fixing your software. If you are unable to figure it out, we move to the next tier.

Tier 3: On-site Support for “Walk-Through” System Administration – If there’s a serious problem of any nature, software, hardware or otherwise, we can come on-site and walk our clients through the process of fixing their system.

Our clients’ maintenance and support agreement comes with unlimited support from our help desk. We want problems to be resolved as soon as possible, and that’s why we can’t afford to outsource our support, service or development. We’re constantly innovating new functions and improvements to our software and we want to make sure that our customers upgrade and update systems in line with our progress. We do all of this complimentarily, as part of our yearly maintenance and support agreements.

Rest assured that all of your issues are being handled by a full-time Legal Files Software, Inc. employee. Every client needs a personalized approach to how they will implement this software at their organization. Generally our on-site staff can be at your organization within 24 hours for any problem that can’t be resolved over the phone. That’s something that wouldn’t be possible with an outsourced staff.

Our help desk is always a short dial away, at 217.726.6400, to help with our legal case management software nationwide. We firmly believe there’s no substitute for an in-house full-time staff.