Legal Files – The Premier Choice For Legal Departments

Legal Files Software, Inc. was originally developed with insight from working legal professionals, and will continue to assist legal professionals for ages to come.  Because of their input, the software is perfect for any legal department, whether it’s a corporate legal department, university legal department or public sector legal department.

Legal Files matter management software offers many advantages to legal departments utilizing it.  After a while, the software virtually pays for itself with the sheer amount of convenience and time saving it offers.

E-Billing Through Legal Files

One great thing that Legal Files’ in-house matter management software offers, through its optional e-Billing and Invoice Management module, is accurate and timely electronic billing.  Likewise, the software offers reporting and tracking in order to effectively manage outside counsel activity.   This monitoring includes case-level budgeting, remote invoice acceptance and electronic expense tracking all in the Legal Electronic Data Exchange (LEDES) format, if desired.

Our software can also route invoices to the correct individual(s) for approval and payment. Additionally, this invoice management component will post statuses of invoices so that management staff can approve them.  On top of this, Legal Files will automatically notify the appropriate people that an invoice is ready to be viewed.

Other Reasons Legal Departments Choose Legal Files

Aside from expedited billing processes, and convenient client and outside counsel organization, there are many reasons to choose Legal Files.

Legal Files efficiently manages inside and outside dockets.  One of the greatest offerings in our matter management software is our calendaring, tickler and reminder functionality, enabling legal professionals to focus on what’s important, instead of worrying about deadlines; Legal Files does that for them.

Legal Files is easily customizable, with windows and menus that can be custom configured for different types of matters.  Additionally, clients can customize their user interfaces based on specific offices and/or locations.

Legal Files was designed for non-technical individuals, and no programming or information technology experience is necessary to custom configure the application.

The “Manage My Day” function within Legal Files will keep you up to date at a glance, with convenient update windows, streamlined and user-friendly displays, as well as in-depth calendar features.

With all of this, there’s no question that Legal Files is a perfect solution for matter, document, office and calendar/task management.  We provide a one-stop-shop for matter management.  Legal Files is a user-friendly legal case management system.  Check out a free demo of our product today to see how we can drastically increase the efficiency of your legal department.