Legal Files for Universities

Over the course of the last month, Legal Files proudly contracted with two universities – Texas A&M and the University of West Georgia – to provide the legal matter management system for select offices and departments within their operations.

Texas A & M, a client of Legal Files’ since 2000, who once again chose to implement our software in their Human Resources Department and Office of the General Counsel, will be using Legal Files Software “in its Policy & Practice Review and Employee Relations areas with the goal of improving day-to-day case management and reporting,” according to the organization, who also stated that:

“Of all the programs we evaluated, Legal Files is the best case management system I’ve seen. Legal Files meets our office needs and then some. I feel it is one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Meanwhile, the University of West Georgia will be implementing our matter management system for use in their University Counsel, Human Resource, Provost, Contract Management, Open Records, and Risk Management departments.

The verdict is in: universities love Legal Files! One of the first things prospective clients ask us is how our software can be applicable to their administrative, non-legal departments and areas of concentration. Despite our name, Legal Files is applicable to a wide range of workflow and reporting functions as well as case or matter management, and our work with universities across the U.S. shows how our product’s unique flexibility and ease-of-customization can be applied to many different legal environments including government agencies, corporate legal department, insurance companies and legal aid providers.

Just a few of the universities we count amongst our clientele are Boston University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Seton Hall University, State University of New York – SUNY, University of Illinois, St. John’s University, University of Colorado, and many others. Along with using our software in their legal departments, many of these educational institutions have implemented Legal Files across multiple offices and departments.

Interested in learning more about how Legal Files Software can help increase efficiency and office workflow? To request a live demonstration, simply visit our demo request page, or else contact us to speak to a representative about how Legal Files can be beneficial to your university, law firm, business, or other organization.