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Rheem Manufacturing Company Picks Legal Files Software for Legal Matter Management

Paper filing systems may have worked in the past, but the future is digital

Historically, most legal departments maintained paper copies of their documents in filing cabinets. This organizational method may have worked in the past, but the needs and demands of modern corporate legal departments require a more efficient legal matter management system.

When Rheem Manufacturing Company found that its paper filing system was no longer serving the needs of its legal department, it implemented Legal Files Software.

Rheem selected Legal Files Software when it outgrew its existing filing system

Rheem is a global producer of heating, cooling, and water heating products. The respected brand is headquartered in Atlanta, and has facilities in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Canada, and Mexico. As the company grew, its legal matter management needs started to change, and its legal department found that its paper filing system was insufficient.

“We had an expanding volume of files,” explained Claims Manager Lisa Ricca. “The largest portion was product claims. We also had lots of photographs which were related to product claims that we couldn’t attach to our existing systems. They were filed separately. We were receiving an increasing number of documents via email, especially documents for intellectual property concerns. We would receive multiple patent and trademark documents attached to one email, but there wasn’t an easy way to file and retrieve those. So we ended up printing the electronic information and putting the hard copies into paper files. We were physically running out of space.”

Many of these documents were filed in Alabama, while others were located in different facilities. This filing method made it difficult for all team members to access the information they needed. “It was a case of, ‘I have this, let me FedEx it to you.’ There was the wait,” Ricca said, “and, of course, the expense.”

Legal Files Software brought order and organization to Rheem

Rheem implemented Legal Files Software in Atlanta and Montgomery before rolling it out to other offices. To make the transition as smooth as possible, Legal Files Software, Inc. provided training while it completed two data conversions and one document conversion. The results were nothing short of a success.

According to Ricca, “Legal Files Software is our virtual file cabinet.” Rheem uses Legal Files Software as a central depository for contracts, policies, procedures, photographs, emails, and attachments. “We still maintain all the data we ever did,” Ricca said, “but, now we don’t worry about running out of space.”

The legal professionals at Rheem also appreciate the ability of Legal Files Software to integrate with Microsoft Office. Emails, documents, photographs, scanned images, spreadsheets, and presentations can be saved to Legal Files Software directly from a Microsoft Office application via the “Save to Legal Files” functionality. “It’s simple, user friendly,” Ricca said. “You click on a button and it goes into the database.”

Ricca was also quick to praise the reporting capabilities of the legal matter management software. “Legal Files Software is customizable. You can gather and capture any information you want,” Ricca said. “If I need to see how many open claims we had in a specific month, or get data on a specific scenario, or for a particular location, I can easily pull that information from Legal Files Software.”

Ricca would encourage anyone in the market for a legal matter management system to consider Legal Files Software. “It certainly worked best for our needs and our IT requirements,” Ricca said.