Making Magic with Matter Management – Part 1

Matt Ryan, a senior consultant with Legal Files Software, Inc. recently wrote an article for the Chicago Law Bulletin’s Corporate Counsel edition in which he pointed out how legal matter management software can make an organization look as if it’s performing magic.  In a series of blog posts over the next few weeks, we’ll explore Matt’s article on how implementing Legal Files in a corporate legal department can make all the difference.

When corporate legal pros start looking for a matter management solution, they’re often trying to get their office in better working order, or to address a common issue that keeps recurring in the office.  What many of these folks don’t realize is how much more they receive when they invest in a matter management software solution.

Easy Access to Your Data─Anywhere, Anytime  

As Matt wrote in his article, “Traveling can turn a calm mind into a chaotic mind.  Did that letter go out?  Did my assistant set that meeting?  Did I get a response from the email I sent to the CEO?”  When you’re traveling or just out of the office for a day, it’s not uncommon to wonder what’s going on back at the office and if things are running smoothly.  With the right matter management system in place, you can access the data you need from anywhere.  By simply using the Internet, you can securely access the data you need, even while relaxing in your hotel room after a long day of meetings.  Or, you can get up-to-the-minute information about a matter on your mobile device just before you head into mediation.

Tim Flanagan, who serves at the general counsel at Notre Dame, notes that the university’s Legal Files matter management system has a “web-based nature, which gave us the ability to access our data from anywhere, plus it offered minimal intrusion on the rest of the Notre Dame’s IT environment.”

In addition to accessing your data on a laptop via an internet connection, Legal Files Software, Inc. developed, and continues to refine, a mobile app that can be used on an iPhone/iPad or Microsoft Surface device, allowing Legal Files users to perform what looks like magic to those “out of the loop.”

The Legal Files application opens directly to your specific home page—whether accessed from your iPhone or your iPad.  Using the app, you can view urgent notifications (through Legal Files’ comprehensive in-box called Heads Up), recently accessed matters, Legal Files Name Cards (contact records), documents including correspondence or contracts, calendars, e-mail and to-do’s/tasks, plus you have the ability to search for files.

Once you navigate to the matter’s home page, you can view and search the file’s calendar, documents, email, to-do’s and notes.  Here you are also able to view file related people (contacts within the matter), matter details/setup (including status history, assigned users and managers), file facts and matter level custom windows.

Our team is always ready to discuss how Legal Files can help you access your much needed data anywhere at any time.  View our demo or contact us now.