Why Do You Need Follow-Up Training for Your Legal Files Software?

If you’re a current Legal Files user, you’ve already taken advantage of the program’s flexible, customizable abilities. All of our customers complete an initial training when they first purchase and implement Legal Files because training is arguably the best way to maximize your software investment. During that training, the Legal Files Software, Inc. team assists them with customizing the program to suit their organization’s legal case management needs and workflow. All training is provided by Legal Files Software Inc.’s full-time employees (never third-party subcontractors), and typically covers general use of Legal Files, file management, reporting features, document creation and collaboration/communication features of the program.

But training shouldn’t stop after the first session. Yearly training from Legal Files Software, Inc. helps you keep up to date on new features, train new users, or find more efficient ways of doing things. In addition to introductory training, we offer training courses in the following concepts:

  • Individual training in the workplace.
  • Intermediate & advanced document assembly.
  • Legal Files’ intermediate features, including file creation options, intermediate document creation and advanced queries.
  • Advanced features of Legal Files, including time & expense keeping.
  • Training on specific features that clarifies or presents alternatives to any Legal Files concept; i.e. “Is there a quicker way to do that?”
  • New feature training that teaches customers how to succeed with the latest version of Legal Files.
  • Developing custom Crystal Reports.
  • Customized training for customers’ unique needs.

Yearly follow-up training helps you and your team deepen your understanding and mastery of the Legal Files legal case management system. With regular training, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate Legal Files’ customizable features into your organization and maximizing the program’s potential—and yours. Legal Files software is an investment, and by regularly following up on training with the Legal Files team, you’ll ensure that you maximize your return on that investment.

To schedule Legal Files training of any kind, contact our Help Desk at 217-726-6400 or email GetSmart@LegalFiles.com.