Legal Files Software, Inc. Announces Latest Corporate Legal Client

Jul 28, 2017

Legal Files Software, Inc. today announced that Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® (OBE) is deploying Legal Files 10, comprising the latest addition to Legal Files’ growing list of corporate legal departments implementing its legal enterprise software solution.

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®, a storefront, skylight and building materials firm, joins an increasing number of corporate legal departments using Legal Files. “It’s not that our law firm business is going away,” said Legal Files CEO John Kanoski. “But many legal departments (and I’ll include university legal departments and government agencies in that) now realize that the extensive customization capabilities that were once only available in a custom-built system are available in Legal Files, even though it’s a COTS (commercial, off-the-shelf) product.”

Customization was key in the selection of Legal Files for Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®, according to OBE Office Manager and Paralegal Sanita Blake. “A few years ago, we selected a system based primarily on its ability to integrate with Lotus Notes, our email system.  But the integration was not what was promised, and it wasn’t customizable at all,” she said.

“Legal Files is customizable, and we can customize it ourselves,” Blake said. “Initially, we’ll be using Legal Files to primarily track litigation and leases or contracts, but the more I learn, I believe that only scratches the surface of the functionality we’ll end up using.”


About Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is the leading supplier of products specified to close the building envelope. They include: custom-engineered curtain wall and window wall, architectural windows, storefront systems, doors, skylights and architectural glass.  More information may be found at