Autonomy iManage

Legal Files has created direct integration with Autonomy iManage for third-party document management system. The link allows users to access documents in Autonomy iManage directly from Legal Files. Users can even use Legal Files’ Document Assembly features and save documents in Autonomy iManage. The integration allows the launching of the application directly from within Legal Files. If a user is working at the matter level, the system will filter to only the documents for that matter. When activated, the integration overrides Legal Files own, built-in document management system. The integration provides the same search functionality as if the document was created within Legal Files own document system.

A law firm which already knows and experiences the advantages of Autonomy iManage can get more out of its investment with an integration with Legal Files software. The integration matches the contacts and marketing, file/matter management, calendar and docketing, reporting, activity tracking, and document assembly functions of Legal Files with the robust document management capabilities of Autonomy iManage. End users can access all case/matter specific documents and communications stored in Autonomy iManage while working in a case or matter within Legal Files.

In addition, letters, contracts, forms, and court documents created using Legal Files’ built-in document assembly program can be saved in Autonomy iManage for easy retrieval from the Legal Files case. In addition to providing a way for your firm to retain its existing investment in Autonomy iManage, the Legal Files integration improves efficiency and provides a way to better manage the firm. A solution that provides quick and easy access to all case information and documents also means better service to your clients.

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