Legal Files integrates with GroupWise, an application offering email and diary scheduling from Novell, Inc.

Legal Files e-mail integration with GroupWise adds the ability to save sent and received email to a case or matter stored in Legal Files. A “Legal Files Web” tab added to the GroupWise client stores a single or multiple highlighted messages with attachments, creates a permanent copy in the Legal Files database, and references the appropriate matter. Once saved, the original message may be deleted from GroupWise, freeing up space in the mail store. New messages or replies can originate from either GroupWise or Legal Files based on the personal preference of the end user.

In addition, Legal Files offers two-way synchronization for GroupWise appointments, tasks and contacts. A user can create a new appointment or task within GroupWise and have that event automatically placed on the user’s calendar or task list in Legal Files. If the event is related to a case or matter, it is also simultaneously placed on the matter’s calendar or task list. Events can also be created within Legal Files and the system will automatically place the appointment or task on the appropriate user’s GroupWise calendar or task list. Contacts can be imported, created and maintained from GroupWise and updates to existing contacts tasks, or appointments can take place in either application.

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