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The Benefits of Law Practice Management Software – Part One


Learn about the benefits of law practice management software


It’s not easy to manage a law practice. Attorneys, paralegals and support staff face different challenges every day as they try to keep all the moving parts straight. From staying on top of the seemingly endless stream of emails, to drafting complex contracts and legal documents, it seems that a legal professional’s work is never done.


Although it can feel like it’s impossible to keep it all straight, many members of the legal profession have found a solution in law practice management software. By investing in this type of comprehensive software, attorneys and their staff have found many benefits, including reduced workplace stress and a more-streamlined workflow.


Wondering if law practice management software could provide benefits for your office? The Legal Files Software team believes that these types of programs have something to offer all legal practices. In this two-part series, we’ll review the biggest benefits of law practice management software, starting with improved organization, enhanced efficiency and better communication.


Benefit one – Improved organization


When our team speaks with new clients, one issue that continually pops up is the desire for more organization. Some clients are looking to improve the organization in one or two areas of their law practice, while others are eager to completely overhaul their existing organizational system in favor of something that is more effective.


Not only do we hear about law practices needing improved organization, our team also sees it firsthand when we explore a client’s existing system for keeping it all straight. We’ve seen legal practitioners who are frustrated by the limitations of a homemade system that combines Excel spreadsheets and password-protected files that are stored in the Cloud. Our team has also come across customers who have been using paper files and sticky notes as their primary organizational system. In other cases, a law office is just dissatisfied with a legal matter management program that it has outgrown or just isn’t getting the job done.


Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, you can benefit from implementing a law practice management software system like Legal Files. Our software is designed to keep everything you need to do your job in one convenient location that is easily accessible by everyone on your team. There’s no more chasing down paper files or trying to find a rogue email that could make or break a case. You have everything you need at your fingertips, and you can review it all at a glance. Not only that, you can make any necessary updates and add new information to the system so that everyone stays in the loop.


This type of organization makes all the difference. According to Clare Borden, office manager at Hagens Berman, “Absolutely everything you need to track is in there, anything we need to find is in there, too. We don’t have to look in Word, Excel or wherever because Legal Files manages it all.”


Benefit two – Enhanced efficiency


When most of us think of wasted time in the workplace, we often think of employees checking Facebook or taking long lunch breaks. However, one of the biggest time-wasters that we don’t consider is ineffective software and organizational systems that can lead to lost productivity. Think back to the last time you couldn’t do your job because you couldn’t find a file or because a critical software program crashed. All that was wasted time.


Every single one of us wants to be more productive. Rather than simply wishing for more hours in the day—or a personal assistant—consider investing in law practice management software. Legal Files is a technical program that is designed for the non-technical user. Its advanced and reliable programming sits behind a user-friendly interface that allows you to perform critical tasks like access files, run reports and manage your emails and daily calendar. It manages everything that matters to you and your team.


For staff members at Halley, Talbot & Smithton, moving from their home-grown system to Legal Files opened their eyes to how much time the right law practice management software could save them. “I knew right away that we could be more efficient if we switched to Legal Files … [now] I use Legal Files and I have pretty much all I need right there—whether it’s my calendar, documents, contacts or email,” Danny Talbot explains.


Benefit three – Better communication


Related to the topics of improved organization and efficiency is enhanced inter-office communication. Without effective communication, a law office cannot be organized or efficient because no one knows what their coworkers are doing. This can often lead to serious problems like missed deadlines and unnecessary work.


A law office today couldn’t function without email, which is why it’s so important for law practice management software to integrate with your email program. Legal Files is compatible with all the most popular programs, including Outlook and Gmail, which allows seamless integration between your two most business critical applications.


On top of that, you can also save other forms of communication, including letters and call notes, allowing your team to manage and retrieve this important information at any time. Danny Talbot appreciates this feature. “Using Legal Files has made it easier to serve clients from two office locations and streamlined the communication process between our employees,” he explains. Best of all, you can select which team members have access to certain information so that confidential information remains confidential.


Discover even more benefits in part-two


Improved organization, efficiency and communication aren’t the only benefits of law practice management software. As we dive into part-two of this blog series, we’ll explore three more valuable benefits of this game-changing software.