Three Ways To Stay Organized in the University Legal Department with Legal Files Software

Working in the legal department at a university, you might take care of your own litigation, or perhaps you outsource it. Regardless of the specific nature of your work, it’s evident you have tons of it.  Let’s face it, you have a load of tasks to do, but feel as if you never have enough time.

It’s time to declutter your mind by having a software system to assist you. Legal Files Software, Inc.’s software program enables you to keep track and manage all your documents, calendars, events and tasks. You’ll no longer need to keep a list of outstanding items, just so you don’t forget anything.

Organize your documents.

With Legal Files, you eliminate the need to retype the same documents. Create a template once, then use it again and again in different matters. Or automatically generate a new document, merging the template and any data fields you choose. Conveniently stored and cataloged in the matter they reference, documents are also easy to retrieve.

Monitor expenses and budgets. Checking and reporting on your expenses has never been easier. 

Want to know from a budgetary standpoint, where you’re at? Legal Files tells you — quickly and easily.

Let your iPhone keep you current. 

Have your Legal Files database in the palm of your hand, because the Legal Files app is now available for your iPhone (and iPad).