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Corporate & Outside Counsel Management

Legal Files supports legal departments that handle a wide range of legal matters, as well as administrative functions. One reason Legal Files matter management software is so popular with legal departments is that the software provides the ability to manage any type of matter or file, whether it’s contracts, advice, compliance, litigation, etc. This flexibility is achieved utilizing non-technical tools that are a part of the product and can be used by business users within the department. You do not need a technical resource from your organization to utilize these administrative tools. In addition, Legal Files matter management is licensed on a perpetual basis; once you license the software, it is yours to use without having to pay monthly subscription costs.

Legal Matter Management Software

With Legal Files matter-centric collaboration tools (including e-billing, legal spend management, electronic invoicing and vendor management) corporate counsel and others can track their internal and external resources, while monitoring costs. More than outside counsel tracking software or matter management, Legal Files’ premier legal department software helps corporate counsel and the entire department increase effectiveness and reduces costs.


Legal Software Features


Legal Software Benefits

Rely on Manage My Day to keep you current.

Offering an expanded day-at-a-glance desktop view, Manage My Day includes a list of recently accessed matters/files and your day’s calendar and to-do’s. You may click on any listed item to view the update window for that item, use the calendar to view another day’s calendar and to-do items, or open a file directly from the recently accessed file list.

A powerful feature of Manage My Day is the automatic notification system, which is called Heads Up. Legal Files corporate legal matter management software allows repeated notification of due dates or tasks through Heads Up. Heads Up messaging automatically notifies users of different kinds of items on one screen so important information yet to be resolved is quickly brought to their attention.

Customize easily.

You can tailor windows or menus for different offices and locations or different types of matters. Because you determine the look and the language that are meaningful to your office, your Legal Files custom windows contain the exact information you want. And, it’s easy. Designed for non-technical people, no programming ability is required with our in house legal software.

Monitor expenses and budgets.

Whether you need to track and report your time and expenses or someone else’s, Legal Files corporate legal software can do it. Want to know from a budgetary standpoint where you’re at? Legal Files tells you.


Legal Files in house matter management offers reporting and tracking capabilities to manage outside counsel activities; an optional e-billing and invoice management module is also available. This includes web access, case level budgeting, billing guidelines and expense tracking with electronic invoice acceptance in the Legal Electronic Data Exchange (LEDES) format. Legal Files invoice management and e-billing software has the ability to track in detail all expenses regarding a matter and is able to categorize the expenses by date amount, type, outside counsel and business group (internal practice group). Legal Files also offers a budgeting feature that enables you to track, at any given time, expenses to date on a matter versus the budgeted amount.

Legal Files invoice management software contains the ability to validate invoices against your billing guidelines and automatically route the invoices in Legal Files to various people within the organization for their approval based on your approval workflows.

Legal Files includes a robust invoice approval process that can be a multi-level process that will automatically send the invoice to the next person in the process upon review and approval of the previous person.  In addition, if invoices under a certain dollar amount do not require additional approval, the approval process is automatically ended once the person with the appropriate authority has approved the invoice.

The invoice approval process can include individuals who have been assigned to a particular matter, a specific user (such as the manager of a particular location or group), or even a non-Legal Files user, such as the chief financial officer, chief executive officer or department head.   Additionally, exceptions can be defined that allow invoices related to certain types of matters to automatically bypass the approval process and be routed directly to a specific user or individual.

An approval-ready invoice is automatically sent to the appropriate persons e-mail address.  The email received contains a link to the exact invoice in the e-billing module of Legal Files, and then the invoice can then be reviewed and responded to accordingly.

Assemble and manage all your documents.

Eliminate the need to retype the same documents when you use our legal matter management software. Create a document template once, then use it again and again in different matters. Or automatically generate a new document, merging the template and any data fields you choose. Conveniently stored and cataloged in the matter they reference, documents are centralized and easy to retrieve. Search by document name, document number or document type. Legal Files also offers full text searching. With our document management features, you have — at your fingertips — every document anyone has ever created in or copied into your Legal Files legal department software.

Monitor outside resources.

Legal Files software also makes it easy to track the activity of your outside counsel. Be copied on every document your outside counsel creates. Once scanned, the document can be attached to your matter/file in Legal Files, or attached via our email integration.

Access everything you need, whenever you need it

Legal Files opens to a specific user’s home page containing user-specific calendars, tasks, events, recently accessed files and Heads Up, Legal Files’ notification system. You can customize the different areas of Legal Files including “Manage My Day,” “Manage My Files” and “Manage Name Cards.” Users have access to fully functioning calendars, documents, email, notes, mail logs, phone logs, time slips and to-do’s.

In addition to enterprise legal management capabilities, Legal Files offers efficient and secure access for remote users, functions on multiple platforms and provides customization capabilities. Providing anytime/anywhere access to your Legal Files data, Legal Files also reduces the need for expensive IT resources since it is easy to deploy, maintain and upgrade.

One of the application’s most notable features is the integration with Microsoft Office®. Email, contacts, appointments, documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be saved to a case/matter in Legal Files directly from the MS Office application. The integration utilizes HTTP and XML technology that provides a much faster and more secure data transmission to the server over traditional FTP methods. Additionally, customers do not have to integrate directly with their Microsoft® Exchange Server, eliminating security and performance concerns

Manage outside dockets or court calls.

Want to know certain dates or arrange your schedule to attend court? You can view calendar items for each matter. All features — Intranet and Internet email, mail logs, phone logs, calendars and to-do’s — interact to automatically create a diary of events for each matter, providing single-point access to the information you need.

Customize Legal Files for each department, each office, each location.
Do your data needs change? Create your own fields. Create your own menus. Create your own windows. No programming ability required. Using just one program (won’t your IT department love that?), you can provide different functionality for each of your departments. Plus, every field you create — you can search, you can query, you can import into documents.

Manage that email mess!

Do you need to find important email? Link email to a case? Share your email with others? With Legal Files, you can easily manage all your email, linking important case related messages to your case or file.

Legal Files offers extensive email integration (including Outlook, GroupWise, Lotus Notes and others) and intelligent profiling, so you can save email (and all those attachments!) to a client’s case, creating one place where all case related communication is stored. One place for everything … that’s Legal Files.