Government Case Management

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  • Features
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The Legal Files case/matter management system helps public sector attorneys make their legal divisions more organized and productive through superior in-house case and matter management tools. With Legal Files’ extensive flexibility, this combination administrative and law department matter management system can even help government agencies with investigative case management functions or manage fraud cases, providing the added benefits of working collaboratively and resolving all types of cases faster and more efficiently. With Legal Files software’s legal spend management capabilities, municipal, state and federal agencies can track internal and external resources and monitor costs. Public officials and agencies can even track constituent requests (including Freedom of Information requests) more effectively and efficiently.

Public sector CIOs (including the Arkansas Office of the Attorney General, City of Richmond, Prince George’s County, City of Baltimore, City of Memphis, City of Pasadena, City of Alexandria, City of Greensboro, City of Tucson, Maui County, Cook County and others) know us as an experienced, consultative partner who can speak to their distinct issues and help them reach their goal of improving constituent service. Legal Files Software, Inc. has never used third-party subcontractors, including offshore subcontractors. Full-time professionals of Legal Files Software, Inc. provide all the support and training necessary to allow you to custom configure the software.

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Legal Case Management

  • One central location for all information related to each case
  • Office-wide contact management, including duplicate checker
  • Document assembly and management
  • Contract management
  • Pleadings index report
  • Client update report
  • File manager(s)
  • File notes, including alerts
  • Claims process management

Office Management

  • Automatic time capturing tools, including accounting links
  • Multiple location management
  • Custom menus and screens
  • Task delegation and assignment tracking
  • Team management
  • Email integration
  • Optional app for the iPad® and iPhone®
  • Phone messaging, mail tracking and message notification
  • Activity summary
  • Outcome tracking
  • File security

Calendars, Event, and Task Management

  • Calendars — firm-wide, group, individual
  • Comprehensive in-box
  • To-do’s, reminders and alerts with automatic notification
  • Group and recurring scheduler
  • Legal dates and deadlines calculator
  • Time keeping and activity log
  • Scheduling and docketing
  • Court docketing
  • Automated task scheduling



Case Management Benefits

Improve relationship management.

With Legal Files, you can attach your client’s contact information, via a Legal Files Name Card, to any file that you need. Serving as a firm-wide Rolodex, these Name Cards make relationship management easy. Legal Files stores data in one, centralized location making sure everyone has access to the most current information. When a change is made, it is automatically updated in every file where the Name Card is referenced. Legal Files also displays involvement in past or active files, enabling you to quickly check for conflicts.

Assemble and manage all your documents.

Legal Files is true document management — or it can link with your current document management system. Eliminate the need to retype the same documents. Create a template once, then use it again and again in different files. Or automatically generate a new document merging the template and any data fields you choose. Conveniently stored and cataloged in the file they reference, documents are easy to retrieve. With our document management features, you have — at your fingertips — every document anyone has ever created in or copied into your Legal Files software.

Know the status of any case.

Need to know what’s going on with a particular case? Here’s one button access to the information you need the most, regardless of where it resides in the file. Legal Files creates a report using the information you want, including the information you want to share with others. You have the option to print, email or fax the report. Going to court? Print the case information, toss it in your briefcase and take it with you.

Open cases in a snap.

Using Legal Files’ Open File Wizard, you may create similar files without having to retype duplicate information. What’s more, Legal Files’ File Copy Wizard provides the ability to copy a case, creating a new case from an existing one. The File Copy Wizard enables you to copy the information exactly or you can specify changes.

Use a tickler system that follows your rules.

Ever been assigned to a case and didn’t find out until 10 days later? Legal Files creates an automated roadmap using a tickler system that follows the rules you establish. As a case progresses, Legal Files automatically assigns tasks or sends email to designated team members. Workflow Wizards can be launched to automatically notify you and others about changes to a file or to trigger another action.

Office Management Benefits

Easily integrate.

Legal Files’ Integration Suite, powered by our “Save to Legal Files” functionality creates a one-of-a-kind integration with the software  programs you use every business day—including Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat—providing you with a more powerful suite of tools, working together to provide added convenience. As one of Legal Files’ most notable features, “Save to Legal Files” enables you to save any email message, appointment, task, document, spreadsheet, presentation or scanned document—from within the originating software program—directly to a specified case or file in Legal Files.

Support a virtual office.

Legal Files supports a virtual office by offering remote access. Legal Files was designed to be accessed real-time from any computer or tablet with an Internet or network connection running Internet Explorer or Chrome. Whether you’re at home or on the road,you can have access to your Legal Files data. An optional iPhone/ iPad app provides access into your Legal Files database from one,easy-to-navigate location.

Link information from web sites directly to your files.

Our Web Windows feature helps you stay connected to other software programs you use, your favorite Internet site or your own Intranet. With Web Windows, you can jump to any other software program you use from any Legal Files file. Or use Web Windows and our Time Keeper feature together to pop into Lexis-Nexis or Westlaw from your file. Do your research and index it directly to the file. Once you have completed your research, a record of the time it took is automatically generated and may be stored as part of your file.

Customize Legal Files for any department, any office, any location.

Do your data needs change? Create your own fields. Create your own menus. Create your own windows. Control your own drop-down lists. No programming ability required. Using just one program (won’t your IT department love that?), you can provide different functionality for each of your departments. Plus, you can search, query and import into documents every field you create.

Leverage the team concept.

Does anyone ever leave your agency? Ever struggle with keeping track of case assignments or caseloads? Legal Files brings a true team concept to case management, sharing and integrating the varied responsibilities and work products of attorneys, legal assistants, administrators and staff. With Legal Files, you have the option of automatically managing people as team members — as opposed to assigning people and their roles individually. So you can quickly assign, or reassign, a case to a group of people, monitoring case loads — all with one stroke.

Track and monitor cases and users.

As a manager, you can schedule a meeting or appointment for one of your attorneys. You can keep track of assignments (something you can’t do in all case management programs) because Legal Files gives you the ability to monitor not just the status of cases, but users as well. Plus, Legal Files makes it possible to comprehensively view to-do’s — your own, someone else’s, those of a particular case or those of the entire agency!

Manage that email mess!

Do you need to find important email? Link email to a case? Share your email with others? With Legal Files, you can easily manage all your email, linking important case related messages to your file. Legal Files offers extensive email integration (including Outlook, Gmail, IBM Notes and others) and intelligent profiling, so you can save email (and all those attachments!) to a client’s case, creating one place where all case-related communication is stored and easily retrieved. One place for everything … that’s Legal Files.

Calendars, Time and Task Benefits

Access your personal dashboard.

Offering an expanded day-at-a-glance desktop view, Manage My Day includes a list of recently accessed matters/files and your day’s calendar and to-do’s. You may click on any listed item to view the update window for that item, use the calendar to view another day’s calendar and to-do items, or open a file directly from the recently accessed file list.A  powerful feature of Manage My Day is the automatic notification system, which is called Heads Up. Heads Up messaging automatically notifies you of different kinds of items on one screen so important information yet to be resolved is quickly brought to your attention.

Track all your appointments, tasks and important dates.

Never miss an appointment. Avoid scheduling conflicts. Create to-do’s. View your own calendar. Plus, it’s easy to see someone else’s calendar. With Legal Files, you have access to an individual calendar, case calendar, docket calendar and firm calendar. It’s quick and easy to enter calendar information (type of meeting, date, time, location, people involved etc.) simply by choosing from customized pick lists. Schedule recurring appointments in one step.