Insurance Litigation Management

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  • Features
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Legal Files for insurance and re-insurance companies provides quick access to the information you need for claims and legal case management, including the ability to track claims and claim-related files, policy information and loss and reserve amounts.

With Legal Files legal case management, you have the premier claims management and in-house legal software whose top-rated versatility helps you become dramatically more efficient, more productive and ultimately more profitable. A program that positively affects your earnings ratio — the system’s combination legal case management software and office administration tools are the absolute latest in cost containment.


Calendars, time and task management

  • Calendars — firm-wide, group, individual
  • Comprehensive in-box
  • Automated task scheduling
  • Task delegation and assignment tracking
  • To-do’s, reminders and alerts with automatic notification
  • Group scheduler
  • Checklists
  • Automatic time capturing
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Activity log

Claims management

  • One central location for all information related to each claim
  • Office-wide contact management
  • Claims tracking
  • Item tracking
  • Pleadings index
  • Document management and assembly
  • Document text searching

Office management

  • Custom menus and screens
  • Multiple location management
  • Management reports
  • Email integration
  • Phone messaging
  • Optional app for the iPad® and iPhone®
  • Mail tracking
  • Message notification
  • Activity summary
  • File security

Rely on Manage My Day to keep you current

Offering an expanded day-at-a-glance desktop view, Manage My Day includes a list of recently accessed files and your day’s calendar and to-do’s. You may click on any listed item to view the update window for that item, use the calendar to view another day’s calendar and to-do items, or open a file directly from the recently accessed file list.

A powerful feature of Manage My Day is the automatic notification system, which is called Heads Up. Legal Files allows repeated notification of due dates or tasks through Heads Up. Heads Up messaging automatically notifies users of different kinds of items on one screen so important information yet to be resolved is quickly brought to their attention.

Use a tickler system that follows your rules.

Legal Files creates an automated roadmap, using a tickler system that follows the rules you establish. As the claim process progresses, triggers can be set to automatically notify you and others about changes to a claim, assign routinely performed tasks or send email.

Automate the routine.

Simply use a wizard to create to-do’s for you automatically — based on the template or wizard you select. Create as many as you need or want to automate any kind of routine task. Automatically generate key dates and dates. Select a reference, starting date and task style — that’s all there is to it.

Improve relationship management.

Use Legal Files Name Cards to store personal information on the insured, the claimant or any other party. The foundation of Legal Files, Name Cards serve as your office-wide Rolodex. Create a Name Card for claimants, attorneys, witnesses, etc. The data on any person or company you have contact with is stored in one, centralized location making sure everyone has access to the most current information. You can also quickly determine relationships and involvement with any claim. When a change is made to a Name Card, it is automatically updated throughout Legal Files — wherever information from the Name Card is used.

Track all your claims.

Keep track of claims and have nearly instant access to all the details you need — the date and place of the loss, policy limits, policy reserves, filing information and more.

Track all your items.

Keep track of the details of any item (vehicles, dwellings, etc.) involved with a claim. You’ll find this very handy feature is invaluable with subrogations.

Create a pleadings index automatically.

Did I send it out? Did I get a response? Which parties were served? What method of service was used? Get the answers. Your index lists documents you have created or pleadings that you have received — allowing you to look at both sides at the same time. Legal Files creates the index for you in date filed order, assigns an index number to each item and allows you to print your own pleadings index.

Assemble and manage all your documents.

Legal Files is fully customizable. And it’s easy. Designed for non-technical people, no programming ability is required. Yet Custom Windows are a powerful tool — because the Custom Windows you create contain the exact claims information you want. Plus, every field you create — you can search, you query, you can import into documents.

Customize easily.

Legal Files legal case management software is easily customizable, even if your office is not exactly full of programmers. Make our software your own, and up the efficiency of your workforce and operations.

Build a more powerful organization.

If you’re trying to manage more than one office, Legal Files provides you with a means for reporting across sites or the entire enterprise, offering prompt, cumulative data that you can use to more accurately and consistently track caseload activity across office locations. With our optional Enterprise configuration, you can easily share whatever information is necessary with other offices, while still maintaining the autonomy of each. Legal Files Enterprise provides you with the flexibility to use corporate resources with minimal effort and still function as an independent entity.

Manage that email mess!

Do you need to find important email? Link email to a case? Share your email with others? With Legal Files, you can easily manage all your email, linking important case related messages to your file.

Legal Files offers extensive email integration (including Outlook, Gmail, IBM Notes and others) and intelligent profiling, so you can save email (and all those attachments!) to a client’s case, creating one place where all case related communication is stored. One place for everything … that’s Legal Files.