St. Croix County, Wisconsin Heather Amos, Corporation Counsel
“I just wanted to pass along our thanks and appreciation for the trainer working with us and teaching how to utilize Legal Files. He has done an amazing job, and we are light years ahead of where I hoped to be with the software. Document generation was the piece I was concerned about not working well with the state forms we are required to use. However, today we learned how we can use them from within Legal Files, which is going to be an absolute time saver.”
County Attorney Stephen D. Button St. Lawrence County (NY) Attorney
"Only a handful of systems specialize in municipal case management; Legal Files does, they have supported the integration of the system and assisted critical improvements in tracking efficiency."
Richard C. Sklare Sklare Law Group
"The latest Legal Files application drives like a Ferrari, and our trainer was a great representative of the company."
Paul Reed Global Excel Management Inc.
"The system does everything we need and more. If you need a matter management system, make sure to consider Legal Files."
Darcy Jablonski CannonDesign
"Originally, I thought to myself, well, anything is going to be better than what we have. Once we found Legal Files, the thinking became, I am extremely excited about this. Everyone was."
King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office -Civil Division Jeremy Conger, CISSP HISP | Systems Architect
"Legal Files Support is my favorite support!"
Crystal Clean Samantha Corso | Legal Operations Manager
"We all use Legal Files for different things, and yet it meets all of our needs."
Jackson County, Missouri W. Stephen Nixon
“You guys have been great! I think going to Legal Files was one of my best decisions as County Counselor.”
Indiana Legal Services, Inc. Jon Laramore, Director
"Successfully using Legal Files since 1998."
BMW Financial Services Sarah Belknap
"Legal Files definitely helps keep us sane."
Patuxent RiverKeeper Fred Tutman
"Legal Files allows me to do a lot with a little." Fred Tutman explains how he manages the non-profit Patuxent Riverkeeper organization with Legal Files as its backbone. While the organization's staff members use Legal Files primarily for complaint tracking, they have also found it useful for managing other aspects of their office operations, including scheduling, contacts, notes and email.
Talbot Law Group Danny Talbot
"It's a great program." Danny Talbot discusses the challenges his firm faced when it wanted to replace an inefficient, homemade file management system and how Legal Files is now the firm's "all-in-one" system.
New Hampshire Board of Tax & Land Appeals Anne Stelmach
"We can now process 800 appeals within two to three months' time, which is something we couldn't do before."
Foundation Building Materials Ric Tilley
"Legal Files is a one-stop shop."
The Mayerson Firm PLLC Marc Mayerson
“When you purchase case management software, one is not buying a box: one should be entering into a relationship with a company that is invested in your firm's success. In our experience, Legal Files has been a fantastic partner."
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