Legal Aid Case Management

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Legal Files gives you the best management tools that advocates have ever had — a legal matter management program that offers comprehensive legal case management AND a front-end intake and eligibility module.

And, because Legal Files is both a poverty law case management system and an integrated information/legal document management system, it can be used by legal services organizations, law school clinics, pro bono attorneys and advocacy non-profits.

Created specifically for legal services programs and developed with input from national experts, the unique workflow management features in Legal Files make it a comprehensive tool that replaces your intake and eligibility process and helps you serve more clients, more efficiently — without additional staff or hours.

Legal Files case management software helps you meet the latest reporting requirements and track your outreach and community education efforts. In addition, you can also use Legal Files to track calls for assistance that must be turned away and referred to other programs or agencies.


Eligibility and intake

  • Financial eligibility calculation
  • Two-tiered eligibility wizard
  • Inquiry index
  • Conflict checking
  • Outcome tracking
  • Client update report
  • Custom questionnaires

Case management

  • One central location for all information related to each case
  • Office-wide contact management
  • Document assembly and management
  • Document text searching
  • File manager
  • Practice management
  • File notes, including alerts
  • Response tracking
  • Images attachment

Office management

  • Calendars — firm-wide, group, individual and case
  • Comprehensive in-box
  • To-do’s, reminders and alerts with automatic notification
  • Group scheduler
  • Legal dates and deadlines calculator
  • Court docketing
  • Timekeeping and activity log
  • Automated task scheduling
  • Checklists
  • Optional app for the iPad® and iPhone®

Calendars, time and task management

  • Links to many popular software programs you’re probably already using.

Legal Files for Legal Aid

Legal Files, a web/browser based application, links multiple, geographically-separate offices and can be securely accessed any time, anywhere, by any computer that offers Internet access. Legal Files is a “true” web system, eliminating the need (and costs) for Citrix, Microsoft® Terminal Services or other additional software licensing. Additionally, Legal Files’ license fees are a one-time, not annual, investment. And, Legal Files offers comprehensive functionality — no additional modules to purchase — and is customizable by any non-technical person with the proper training and security.


Keep track of all your appointments, tasks and important dates.
Never miss an appointment. Avoid scheduling conflicts. Create your own tickler system. View your own calendar, someone else’s — or the calendar for the entire office. It’s quick and easy to enter calendar information (type of meeting, date, time, location, people involved etc.) simply by choosing from customized pick lists. Schedule recurring appointments or group appointments in one step.

Rely on Manage My Day to keep you current.
Offering an expanded day-at-a-glance desktop view, Manage My Day includes a list of recently accessed files and your day’s calendar and to-do’s. You may click on any listed item to view the update window for that item, use the calendar to view another day’s calendar and to-do items, or open a file directly from the recently accessed file list.

A powerful feature of Manage My Day is the automatic notification system, which is called Heads Up. Legal Files allows repeated notification of due dates or tasks through Heads Up. Heads Up messaging automatically notifies users of eight different kinds of items on one screen so important information yet to be resolved is quickly brought to their attention.

Calculate financial eligibility easily and quickly.
Legal Files makes it easy to gather household, income, expense, asset, benefit, funding source and demographic information. To help you determine eligibility, a financial summary is automatically calculated.

Manage the entire eligibility process with ease.
Since tracking the eligibility process, the number of applicants and the results are essential tasks for advocates, Legal Files efficiently manages the whole process for you. Information is created and retained for each initial inquiry, helping you maintain statistical information. No duplicate efforts are required since you don’t have to re-key the same information into one system to determine eligibility and into another for case management.

Track the outcome of all your cases.
Finding it difficult to stay current with ever-changing reporting requirements? With Legal Files you can track the outcome of all your cases and quickly generate a report. You can capture the reason the case was closed or insert unlimited outcomes.

Know the status of any case.
Here’s one-button access to the information you need the most, regardless of where it resides in the file. Legal Files creates a report using any information you want, including the information you want to share with others. You have the option to print, email or fax the report. Going to court? Print the case information (including eligibility information, if you wish) and take it with you.

Assemble and manage all your documents.
Eliminate the need to retype the same documents. Create a template once, then use it again and again in different files. Or automatically generate a new document merging the template and any data fields you choose. Conveniently stored and cataloged in the file they reference, documents are easy to retrieve. Search by document name, document number or document type. Legal Files also offers full text searching. With our document management features, you have — at your fingertips — every document anyone has ever created in or copied into your Legal Files software.

Track your time — automatically or manually.
Set a timer to automatically begin recording time when a file is opened or start and stop whenever you choose, maintaining an accurate record of your hours within the file. If you forget to set the timer or need to re-create your time slips, don’t worry. At the end of the day — or whenever you need to — view Legal Files’ activity log, showing you how long you’ve spent in each file and what you’ve accomplished.

Manage all locations.
If you’re trying to manage more than one office, Legal Files provides a means for reporting across sites or the entire enterprise, offering prompt, cumulative data that you can use to more accurately and consistently track caseload activity across office locations. With our Enterprise option, you use just one program (won’t your IT department love that?), share whatever information is necessary with other offices, and still maintain the autonomy and functionality of each. Enterprise provides the flexibility to use corporate resources with minimal effort and still function as an independent entity.

Manage that email mess!
Do you need to find important email? Link email to a case? Share your email with others? With Legal Files, you can easily manage all your email, linking important client related messages to your case or file.

Legal Files offers extensive email integration (including Outlook, Gmail, IBM Notes and others) and intelligent profiling, so you can save email (and all those attachments!) to a client’s case, creating one place where all case related communication is stored. One place for everything … that’s Legal Files.