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Team legal managing

Legal software for legal aid can help you manage what matters to you

You learn two things from visiting a legal aid organization. The first is that these attorneys and paralegals are incredibly dedicated to their life-changing work. The second? These legal aid organizations have small teams who are responsible for a vast number of cases and issues. Without the right legal software for legal aid, all this work is overwhelming.

Many legal aid organizations rely on homemade organizational systems. For example, attorneys and paralegals may be using a combination of documents, spreadsheets, drives and even paper files. Other organizations may be utilizing different types of software to do multiple jobs. However, there is a better way. Flexible legal software can do all these tasks using just one system.

As a team immersed in the world of legal technology, Legal Files Software will explain how versatile legal aid case management software can make the difference for your team. You’ll also learn what questions to ask before you invest in a program.

Managing the details with legal software for legal aid

Legal aid organizations often face challenges related to funding, resources and organization. It isn’t easy to manage the constant influx of clients or meet strict national and local reporting requirements. With limited funds and staffing, these tasks become even more difficult. You might think you need different types of software to keep it all organized. This is far from true though. Your team just needs flexible legal software for legal aid. The right software can enable one legal aid team member to perform nearly like two.

Legal Files is one program that offers many functions and tools. It can manage everything from client intake and legal software management, to complex reporting. Best of all, it can handle the specific needs of a legal aid organization. How is this possible? It all comes down to the software being flexible and customizable.

Attorneys and paralegals can get the best of both worlds with Legal Files. Without technical help, legal aid teams can easily customize the software’s file menus, fields, language and more. Take eligibility determinations for example. To be eligible for services, a client often must meet certain criteria related to their background and socio-economic status. As a result, it’s important for many organizations to track this information. Legal Files allows your team to use just one program for both intake and municipal case management, without rekeying or data loss.

Getting help with unique reporting needs

Certain legal aid organizations must comply with the national reporting requirements of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). There can also be many local reporting requirements for these organizations. Reporting requirements also have another important purpose—fundraising. Here again, Legal Files’ flexibility and reporting features save the day.

Our software can be used to track and manage both legal and non-legal activity. This is a huge benefit, given that many other programs can’t track metrics on activities such as outreach, because it isn’t considered a legal function. However, our legal software for legal aid can track most any information and data you need, because you set up Legal Files to capture the information you need. Legal Files is custom configured for each of our customers so your Legal Files system is built for you, and your needs.

The system’s flexibility provides many benefits beyond reporting and client intake. Just about everything a legal aid organization does can benefit from Legal Files. Learn how.