University Matter Management

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Whether your workday involves contracts, employment agreements or any type of transaction—whether you outsource your litigation or do your own—Legal Files matter management software for colleges and universities is comprehensive and powerful enough to meet your needs. Legal Files helps you make your university’s legal department more efficient and productive in a cost efficient way.

Given Legal Files’ built-in flexibility, the system can (and is!) be used in a variety of university settings in addition to university counsel, including human resources (HR)/employee telations (ER) departments, risk management, internal audit, affirmative action, equity/Title IX, diversity & access, labor relations, contracts, public safety, procurement, ombuds offices, and even law school legal clinics.

Discover why Boston University, Seton Hall University, SUNY, Texas A&M University, University of Illinois, St. John’s University, University of Connecticut, University of Massachusetts, Bowdoin University, Villanova University, University of Notre Dame, and others are Legal Files clients.


Matter and document management

  • One central location for all information related to each matter—even with widely dispersed legal teams or campuses
  • Matter management
  • Litigation management
  • Department-wide contact management
  • Document management and assembly
  • Document text searching
  • Contract management
  • File notes, including alerts
  • Invoice management
  • Budgeting
  • Optional ebilling module
  • Response tracking
  • Summary window
  • Paperless matter or case

Office Management

  • Multiple location management
  • Anytime/anywhere access
  • File and management reports
  • Custom menus and screens
  • Assignment delegation
  • Email integration
  • Phone messaging, mail tracking and message notification
  • Optional app for the iPad® and iPhone®
  • Activity summary
  • File security

Calendars, event and task management

  • Calendars—office-wide, group, individual and matter/case
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • To-do’s, reminders and alerts with automatic notification
  • Group scheduler
  • Legal dates and deadlines calculator
  • Automated task scheduling
  • Checklists

Rely on HeadsUp to keep you current.

Your inbox for everything, HeadsUp is a real lifesaver. HeadsUp acts as a personal assistant, organizing everything—everything you need to have a successful day. Important deadlines for any case and timely incoming messages—whether email or telephone—are automatically displayed in your HeadsUp.

Monitor expenses and budgets.

Whether you need to track and report your expenses or someone else’s, Legal Files legal management software can do it. Want to know from a budgetary standpoint, where you’re at? Legal Files tells you.

Assemble and manage all your documents.

Eliminate the need to retype the same documents. Create a template once, then use it again and again in different matters. Or automatically generate a new document, merging the template and any data fields you choose. Conveniently stored and cataloged in the matter they reference, documents are easy to retrieve. Search by document name, document number or document type. Legal Files also offers full text searching. With our document management features, you have—at your fingertips—every document anyone has ever created in or copied into your Legal Files software. Legal Files makes it easy to track outside counsel fees. Be copied on every document your outside counsel creates. Once scanned, the document can be attached to your matter/file in Legal Files. After all, Legal Files IS outside counsel management software.

Manage outside dockets or court calls.

Want to know certain dates or arrange your schedule to attend court? You can view calendar items for each matter. All features—email, mail logs, phone logs, calendars and to-do’s—interact to automatically create a diary of events for each matter, providing single-point access to the information you need.

Manage that email mess!

Do you need to find important email? Link email to a matter? Share your email with others? With Legal Files, you can easily manage all your email, directly linking important matter related messages (with attachments) to your matter or file, creating one place where all matter related communication is stored. One place for everything … that’s Legal Files.

Customize easily.

You can tailor windows or menus for different offices and campuses or different types of matters. Because you determine the look and the language that are meaningful to your office, your Legal Files custom windows contain the exact information you want. And, it’s easy. Designed for non-technical people, no programming ability is required.