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We want Legal Files to help you do your job better. Your maintenance & support agreement includes unlimited Legal Files software support. The Help Desk is open during regular business hours, but closed on these holidays:

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Legal Files Software, Inc. provides all the support and training necessary to allow you to custom (non-technical) design the software to meet your own unique requirements. All training is provided by full-time, professional employees of Legal Files Software, Inc. As a new Legal Files customer, you will receive introductory training to help you get started with the software.We also offer comprehensive administrative and advanced user training, as well as yearly refresher and new features training. Our variety of courses help you leverage the full power of our software. Training is available via web conferencing sessions, on site or at our corporate headquarters in Springfield, Illinois.

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For those who use or will use Legal Files in their daily work.

Topics covered – General introduction to Legal Files concepts; creating and updating Name Cards and files; file management; basic hot print and reporting features; document creation and management; and collaboration/communication fundamentals.

For those who have completed Introduction to Legal Files and would like individual training in their specific work environment.

Topics covered – This follow-up course gives your staff time to familiarize themselves with Legal Files, gaining experience with basic operations and demonstrating advanced features in a real-word setting.

For those who have completed Introduction to Legal Files and would like to automate the document generation process.

Topics covered – Covers the planning, designing and managing of document templates, tokens and their data sources, and workflow wizards in conjunction with document assembly.

For those who have successfully completed Introduction to Legal Files.

Topics covered – Covers alternative methods to create, view, modify and select Name Cards and files; advanced queries; intermediate document creation and management; and wizard usage.

For those who have been using Legal Files for six months or more, have questions on certain features or wonder, “Is there a quicker way to do this?”

Topics covered – Designed in consultation with the customer. Topics may include: creating document templates; understanding and using tokens; modifying user preferences and security preferences; creating file menu templates, creating custom windows; leveraging the power of Task Wizards and the Open File Wizard; managing changing data/reporting needs; capturing online, legal research time within a file; tracking time in a more efficient and flexible way; and protecting your data using Legal Files security controls.

For those who have successfully completed Introduction to Legal Files and wish to learn about new features that are included in the current Legal Files release.

Topics covered – Legal Files Software is upgraded regularly to enhance functionality. This course guides the student through each new feature and presents ways to implement them in individual offices.

For those who have been assigned the responsibility of training other employees.

Topics covered – The class covers topics included in the Introduction to Legal Files class and touches on topics covered in the Intermediate Features. Successful completion of this course will give your trainers the expertise to tailor training for different groups in your office.

For those who have been assigned responsibility for the internal administration of Legal Files.

Topics covered- The class covers topics included in the Introduction to Legal Files class and touches on topics covered in the Intermediate Features class. Creation of pick lists, menus, document templates and other customization features are covered thoroughly; the establishment of Legal Files users and groups is detailed, and other topics related to the initial implementation of Legal Files in an office are covered.


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