Benefits and Features – Claim and Legal Case Management for Insurance Litigation

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Insurance litigation requires the right claim and legal case management software

Practitioners in the field of insurance litigation know that this area of the law presents special challenges. Insurance companies need quick and convenient access to data for claim and legal case management. Companies also need software that has the ability to track claims, policy information, and loss and reserve amounts.

Not every software system can handle the task, but Legal Files Software is different. Legal Files Software is the premier corporate legal software, capable of handling claim and law case management systems.

Legal Files Software offers several useful features for insurance litigation

The versatility of Legal Files Software allows companies to become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. It’s a winning solution. Combining case management with office administration tools, Legal Files Claims Litigation Software is the best way to stay organized and save money.

Legal Files Software has features that fall into three categories: (1) calendar and legal task management, (2) claim management, and (3) office management.

  1. Calendar and task management features include calendars, automated task scheduling, task delegation and assignment tracking, reminders and alerts, time tracking and reporting, and an activity log.
  2. Claim management features include a centralized location for all claim information, office-wide contact management, claim and item tracking, a pleadings index, and document management and assembly.
  3. Office management features include management reports, email integration, phone messaging, mail tracking, message notification, and file security.

Each feature provides a benefit for insurance litigation practitioners

The features of Legal Files Software become even more impressive after practitioners see exactly how they make claim and legal case management more effective.

With the Manage My Day feature, attorneys can view their day-at-a-glance right from their desktop. This view includes a list of recently accessed files as well as daily calendars and to-do items. The feature also includes an automatic notification system called Heads Up, so it’s impossible to miss an important task or deadline.

Another valuable feature is Name Cards, a place to store information about the insured, the claimant, and any other relevant party. Think of it as a digital, office-wide Rolodex. All information about a party is stored in one centralized location. Best of all, when someone makes a change to a Name Card, it’s automatically updated throughout the Legal Files system, making the most current information available to everyone.

Many attorneys spend time worrying about pleadings, but all pleadings index automatically in Legal Files Software. The index lists, in date order, all the documents you have created and all the pleadings you have received. Staying organized and on top of things couldn’t be easier.

Perhaps the most exciting feature for insurance litigation practitioners is the ability to manage the email mess. Legal Files Software offers extensive email integration for Outlook, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, and many other platforms. The insurance litigation software links all important case-related messages to files for maximum convenience and organization.

With all the features and benefits of Legal Files Software, you can build a more powerful organization and handle insurance litigation more effectively.