Being Proactive with Legal Software in 2020 – Part 2 | Legal Files Software

digitization in 2020

The right legal software can help all types of practitioners in 2020

You’re not alone if you’re looking for ways to streamline your legal practice in 2020. It turns out that implementing the right legal software is one of the best ways to do it. So far, we’ve talked about the tools and features that help you generate insightful reports and streamline your workflow. Clearly, software can pack a big punch for organization, efficiency and planning.

To end this series, we’re going to discuss how specific types of legal operations can use Legal Files Software to solve pain-points in their practice when moving into 2020. You’ll see how the right software can help legal professionals in areas ranging from university legal departments to insurance companies

University legal departments can become more proactive, thanks to legal software

Universities and colleges give their legal departments a workout every day. These teams handle a variety of issues, including contract, athletics, grievance, diversity and Title IX issues, just to name a few. In fact, no other type of legal practice is like a university legal department. Not only do these teams need to comply with extensive rules and regulations, they also work with multiple departments, campuses and university employees.

Legal software like Legal Files can help university attorneys and paralegals keep up with all these issues and variability. With tools like document and email management, teams can finally conquer the influx of information that comes into their department every day. Calendaring and task legal case management system can help the team track and meet strict deadlines.

Additionally, reporting can help identify issues and trends. This allows attorneys and paralegals to find trouble spots and then develop seminars and educational programs as part of risk management efforts.

Legal and non-legal teams for insurance companies can become more efficient

Insurance companies have found that Legal Files helps both legal and non-legal staff do their jobs better. Our legal software can help attorneys and their staff with a wide variety of tasks. For example, document automation allows them to draft new documents without having to start from scratch each time, while municipal contract management helps them stay on top of important dates and terms.

This type of software can also help non-legal professionals on the team. Insurance companies have found that Legal Files can help them reduce cycle time, or the length of time spent working on a file and all its phases. The productivity tools help with this, but so does reporting. By running regular reports, teams can see areas where they can improve and save time in their processes. Doing so reduces costs and improves customer service for a winning combination.

Final thoughts on legal software in 2020

As you look forward to this new year and decade, think about what your team would like to accomplish. Whether it’s becoming more organized, or finding ways to improve risk management, our contract management software for insurance companies can help you get the job done in 2020.