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Legal departments of government agencies need the right software to manage workflow

It’s a fact that the legal department of a government agency is a busy place. Since these legal departments essentially serve as the law firm for their state, city, or municipality, the matters that their attorneys and paralegals handle are broad and varied. All of this variety can make it difficult to stay organized. However, matter management software from Legal Files Software can help the legal departments of government agencies stay productive and on track.

Government agencies need moldable legal matter management software

When legal department employees at government agencies start thinking about buying matter management software, they often become overwhelmed by the number of options on the market. However, not all of these software solutions are right for government agencies. According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “Government agency legal departments are unique, and they don’t need software that is designed for a law firm. Instead, they need a very flexible and moldable solution.”

The team at Legal Files Software designed our matter management software to be a highly-customizable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution. “We understand that the legal departments of government agencies have broad and varied needs that they need to meet while still staying under budget. Our software for government agencies offers the customization and flexibility of a custom-built solution, with the price tag of COTS software. Basically, we have the capacity to provide the services that an agency needs to assure success at an affordable price.” Matt said.

Legal Files Software is experienced in serving legal departments at government agencies

“A significant number of our clients are government agencies at every level imaginable, including federal, state, city, county, municipal, and tribal. For this reason, we have extensive experience tailoring software solutions to meet each agency’s unique needs,” Matt said.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is just one example of one of our satisfied government agency clients. The agency was using an outdated system and the legal department was looking for a new matter management software that offered case management, time tracking, and robust reporting tools. After researching a number of options, the agency selected Legal Files Law Manager Software, and the results were nothing short of impressive. The law case management software allowed the employees of the agency to work together more collaboratively, operate more effectively as a team, and more easily generate reports to gain an idea of the “big picture.”

“Although government agencies at every level have many similarities, we also realize that each one has their own unique needs and challenges. Our team members strive to identify these needs and tailor Legal Files Software to address them,” Matt said.

However, Legal Files Software is more than just matter management. It also comes with access to implementation services, training, follow-up support, and anything else an agency needs to make the transition to Legal Files Software a success. According to Matt, “We have one goal: to make the project a success for each client.”