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Legal Files Provides the Illinois Education Association with Case Management Software

Legal Departments with multiple offices require special case management software

Large legal departments with several locations face distinct challenges in the areas of collaboration and organization. Finding an efficient way to manage documents and email can be overwhelming, while sharing information and files across offices can be a nightmare.

Legal Files Software, Inc. provides the Illinois Education Association (IEA) Legal Department with case management software that brings order and ease.

The IEA needed a case management system that could provide superior organization

The IEA and its many departments support more than 130,000 education professionals at all levels and career stages. The IEA Legal Department helps members with employment-related legal problems and assists IEA local associations that have disputes with their school boards.

To provide legal support to such a large organization, the department has three offices around the state. This arrangement created a unique set of organizational challenges. “We have multiple offices which can make collaboration and sharing files difficult,” explained IEA Administrative Assistant Ann Holmes. “Prior to Legal Files, we had a system in place that could track basic case information, but it could not store documents, phone logs or emails.”

With the department’s previous litigation case management system, employees stored documents on their computers and in their own files. As a result, there was no consistency in document naming, tracking, filing or sharing. “We were struggling to find ways to enhance our processes and make our jobs more efficient,” Holmes recalled.

According to Holmes, “I said to myself, there’s got to be a different way and I did some Googling.” To select a new case management software, the department formed a small group of attorneys, associate and administrative staff, and an IT professional. “We looked at three or four options,” she said, “but nothing compared to Legal Files Software.”

Legal Files Software, Inc. provides a comprehensive system that promotes collaboration

Implementing Legal Software Systems changed the IEA Legal Department for the better. “Legal Files Software is a great way to share our files,” Holmes said, “and it helps keep us organized, but it does more than that. A primary part of the IEA’s mission is to be THE advocacy organization for all public education employees. Legal Files Software helps us be the best advocate for our members. It allows our attorneys to deal with member issues— not the administrative stuff. It saves time, so they can do the work they need to do.”

In addition to providing superior file sharing and organization, Holmes also praised Legal Files’ case management software for its document routing and document generation features.

  • Document routing allows team members to electronically route documents to one or more users at the same time. Holmes said the department loves that the feature “saves postage and can get documents to others immediately.”
  • Document generation uses a single template to automatically generate standard forms, letters, contracts and other legal documents. “No one has to store or maintain their own set of Word templates anymore,” Holmes said. “And if the data is in the file, it takes Legal Files Software just seconds to generate a document.”

These features, combined with stellar training and customer service from Legal Files Software, Inc., have turned the IEA Legal Department into another satisfied customer. According to Holmes, “Go buy Legal Files Software. We love it.”