Consulting Enhances the Benefits of Legal Software – Part 1 | Legal Files Software

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Legal software should include more than just the software system

Getting a new product is exciting, especially when it can help you be more organized and efficient. However, it can be difficult to hit the ground running without the proper support. This is especially true when it comes to legal case management software.

The team at Legal Files Software believes that training and support should come with your agency case management software investment. That’s why we offer robust and interactive training that’s available online and in-person. Not only do we offer it when you first purchase the product, you also have access to it whenever you want to learn about a new feature or need a refresher course.

In addition to training, you also get access to our consultants. This truly sets our product apart. In this two-part blog series, we’re going to discuss the Legal Files approach to providing our customers with consulting and support services.

A history of helping customers manage what matters to them

Legal Files has been helping attorneys and paralegals work smarter, not harder, for the last three decades. During that time, our in-house consultants have worked with a wealth of different customers, including corporations, universities, government agencies, and legal aid organizations. We’ve asked for their input to help us improve our legal software, allowing us to create the customer-driven product we have today.

Not only that, our team has gained a wealth of knowledge about these different areas, allowing us to determine the best practices for each one. Our consultants know what has worked for other customers. When you select our case management software for attorneys, we can rely upon our knowledge of similar customers so that we can help achieve their legal software successes.

For example, if you’re a university legal department, we can look to success stories like the University of Connecticut (UConn):

  • The UConn team wanted case management software that could allow them to quickly share information and generate reports. If this scenario rings true for you, our team can teach you how to use our software’s reporting features and help you set up the proper permissions to securely share information.

Of course, each customer is unique and has unique needs, but it’s good to have a partner who has faced and overcome similar challenges over the past three decades.

Starting the process by identifying your needs

Before moving forward with any software for legal case management, our consultants recommend taking time to identify your needs. Think about your pain points and areas where you could be more efficient. After that, write a legal software wish-list. What would your ideal software be able to do? Think big, and then share it with us. You may be surprised by what’s possible.

In our next blog, we’ll discuss how our team can help you with more than your initial software setup. You’ll learn about our ongoing consulting and support.