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Every human resources department needs case management software for HR

Dealing with lots of moving parts is par for the course when it comes to human resources. In a single day, an HR professional might be dealing with everything from reviewing and approving  leave requests to managing formal grievances in the workplace. It’s more than anyone can juggle without the proper technology. As a result, it’s important to have robust case management software for HR.

You might think that Legal Files is only for attorneys and paralegals. However, many of our customers have licensed  our program for their daily HR operations. Let’s explore why they’ve found that our software is vital for everyday HR success.

What is case management software for HR?

You might be wondering what “case management” is. Even if you aren’t familiar with the term, you’ve likely seen case management in action. After all, the term simply refers to how an organization manages files, deadlines, documents/emails, workflow and communications involving all types of issues and concerns, including recruitment, workplace safety, employee relations, compensation planning, labor law compliance and training. HR case management software can help simplify this process for HR departments.

This type of software can help HR representatives manage both the operational and supervisory  tasks in the department. The right software can keep track of who is handling a task, make collaboration easier, track notes and history on a matter, and measure performance.

Traditionally, HR departments put together their own systems to track everything. Often, these systems were comprised of paper files, shared drives and Excel spreadsheets. Other teams created and implemented their own software. As the field has progressed, many people have realized these systems aren’t meeting the sophisticated needs of today’s HR department. This has inspired more people to seek out specially designed case management software for HR professionals.

How Legal Files can help HR professionals work smarter, not harder

Although the word “legal” is in our name, our program serves as legal case management software for HR. Why? In addition to being highly customizable by your own office, Legal Files offers many standard features that are geared to the needs of today’s HR professionals.

  • Automation – Legal Files automates workflows, ensuring that employee requests get routed to the right person. Our software can also launch a standardized workflow when a certain event occurs, such as a form submittal. This can generate a series of tasks and notify each team member who needs to complete an action. The result is improved efficiency, accuracy and employee satisfaction with HR.
  • Collaboration – Often, more than one person works on a specific HR issue, especially when a matter is complex. By using matter management software for HR, employees in the department can collaborate on matters and initiate tasks for specific people. Legal Files makes it easy to track communication and task completion, so everyone stays on track.
  • File management – HR departments see a wealth of documents. Rather than keeping this information in different systems and places, case management software for HR can manage and store it in one secure location. Legal Files makes it easy to view all the documents about an employee or a matter at a glance.

Legal Files offers the features and functions that HR professionals need in a matter management program. Be sure to check out our next blog to see how our software can also help with reporting and trend tracking.