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Legal software for energy law can help manage what matters to you

Energy law is a unique and dynamic field in the legal profession. Working in this area is never boring, but it also presents special challenges for practitioners. Energy law is very topical and renowned for featuring a wealth of rules and regulations. Not only can it be hard to keep them all straight, it can also be a challenge to keep all the case and matter information current and in one convenient location. Luckily, legal software for energy law can help.

Legal Files is a flexible application that can help professionals in energy law manage what matters to them in their practice. Let’s look at some of the helpful features.

Staying organized with legal software for energy law

Energy law requires lawyers and paralegal to track a wealth of information, including regulatory issues, lawsuits, research and correspondence. This applies regardless of whether the professionals are working in the public sector or the private sector. So, how can a legal department or law office keep it all straight? Legal software for energy law is the answer.

Legal Files’ online legal case management software is flexible enough to handle any area of energy law.

Imposing no limit on the number of users, cases and documents, and providing unlimited capacity and one convenient location to store everything, Legal Files helps lawyers and paralegals be more organized and efficient than they could have ever imagined.

Legal Files is a comprehensive matter and employee relations case management software. It can store and manage emails and attachments, memos and briefs, research and notes, and so much more, AND make them quickly and easily retrievable. This ensures that everything that your team needs to see can be found in one secure location. There’s no more looking for missing files or getting locked out of a document when someone else is editing it. That’s just some of the beauty of using Legal Files as legal software for energy law.

The ability to customize case and matter management with ease

We mentioned that Legal Files is flexible, but what exactly does that mean? It means anyone in the legal profession can use the program to meet their legal and administrative needs, because customers can easily customize the application.

We designed Legal Files so that each customer can customize file menus, custom windows, workflow templates, document templates and client-defined look-up tables within the software to meet their needs, regardless of whether they have a tech background. This is ideal for people looking for legal software for energy law.

In fact, the software is so user-friendly that there’s no need to involve the IT department to make changes. But remember, that as your partner, Legal Files Law Manager Software, Inc. helps you make the most of your system by providing expert training, guidance on best practices and Help Desk support, if you ever need it.

Learn more about Legal Files at the Mid-Year Energy Forum

The Legal Files team will be at the 2019 Mid-Year Energy Forum for the Energy Bar Association. The event will take place in Washington, D.C., Oct. 15-16. After you listen to discussions about energy law, policy and trends, stop by the Legal Files booth and learn how our legal software for energy law can help you manage what matters to you.