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Case management software for investigators is critical

Investigations can involve both legal and non-legal professionals. Not everyone who is involved in an investigation is an attorney, but their work can have a bearing on important legal issues. As a result, it’s critical that information from investigations stays in a centralized location that is easily accessible but also secure. This is where case management software for investigators comes into play.

Legal Files can streamline investigations for every member of the team. It’s also flexible enough to be molded to fit a team’s exact needs. Let’s discuss how this program can help investigators manage what matters to them.

Helping with investigations in every area

Investigations aren’t limited to just one area. In fact, this is far from the case. Both legal and non-legal professionals can perform investigations into criminal, internal, insurance, compliance and employee issues. Although “legal” is in the name of Legal Files, many of our customers use the application as legal case management system. There are two main reasons.

The first is because investigations live on the border of legal and non-legal issues. They involve both types of professionals, and many investigations may develop into a legal matter, if they haven’t already. As a result, it can make sense to use software that can help organize and streamline legal work.

The second reason is because investigations often have many moving parts to track and manage. This may include interviews, evidence, exhibits, research and other important pieces of information. Legal Files imposes no limit on the number of cases, documents or users and it’s flexible enough to track any type investigation, allegation or charge.

With extension reporting capabilities, Legal Files also helps you produce professional, up-to-date reports for your clients at any time.

A case management software for investigators that can handle every step

We know investigators must organize and maintain lots of information, including evidence, interviews, parties and contact information. Our case management software for investigators can help manage this information. Not only that, it can help investigators become more organized and efficient during every step of an investigation.

Each investigation has several steps, including taking in the initial complaint, performing the official investigation and, if necessary, taking disciplinary action and handling any appeals that result. Rather than rely on separate programs to manage this process, Legal Files can handle it all in one robust program.

As previously mentioned, Legal Files also offers reporting, which can also help with risk management efforts. A team can easily collect and review data to identify trends that may suggest areas of need. Using this information, it’s easier to develop programs, such as creating education and outreach campaigns, to prevent future problems.

Talk to the Legal Files team at the Association of Inspectors General Training Conference

You can meet with the Legal Files team at the 2019 Association of Inspectors General Training Conference. This year’s event will be in West Palm Beach, Sept. 25-27. The event will assemble respected presenters, including inspectors general from every level of government, as well as prosecutors and private practitioners.

During the event, visit the Legal Files booth to learn how our program can become your program and meet your needs for case management software for private investigators.