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AI in legal tech

Artificial intelligence in legal tech – All the tools working together for you

If you ask attorneys why they got into the legal profession, you could hear any number of answers. However, they probably won’t tell you that tasks like reporting and contract management sparked their passion for the law.

No one likes repetitive and mundane tasks like these, but they still need to get done. Paralegals and support staff can help with them. However, the tasks can become cumbersome and overwhelming for even the most organized and efficient worker. This is where artificial intelligence can help.

In the first blog of this series, we discussed the basics of artificial intelligence in legal tech. Rather than viewing AI in law as a robot attorney poised to take jobs, we explained that it is a high-tech way to manage specific tasks. This allows you to spend your time doing the work that inspired you to become a lawyer in the first place.

Over the years, our team has been improving Legal Files Software using innovations from AI. Let’s explore how our law software incorporates this technology and how you can help us refine future products for your unique needs.

How artificial intelligence in legal tech can benefit you – A general overview

Take a moment to think about all the processes and tasks that you do every day. Which ones rely on your legal training, and which ones are repetitive tasks that take you away from the actual practice of law?

If you make a list, you’ll likely include tasks like report generation, contract management and keyword searches on the list of more mundane tasks. They’re still important to your legal work, but they take time away from crafting legal arguments and providing advice. These sorts of tasks are ones that could benefit from AI in law.

While it might seem like technology is here to take your job, it couldn’t be further from the truth. AI can handle the boring and tedious jobs that no one really enjoys doing, which frees you and your staff to do the real legal work that makes a difference.

Legal Files Software case management has been incorporating artificial intelligence in legal tech for a while. This can involve something as simple as our program remembering your last search, or it can be a little more complex.

Using artificial intelligence in legal tech to refine processes

All of us can find ways to be more efficient, and AI in law can help. Every so often, we should all take a moment to review the way we do things. This exercise can help you identify areas where you can improve efficiency and save money.

Our software can help with this process by allowing you to easily review information, such as how long it takes to complete a task. These reports can help you spot areas where the process is slow or gets stuck. Using this information, you and your team can refine your processes and procedures to allow your office to become more efficient.

For example, Legal Files Software might use AI in law to generate a report showing that one attorney tends to take longer to complete assignments. This can serve as a catalyst for change in your office. Maybe, the attorney has too much work on his plate and needs someone to help him. Or, he may need additional training to become more organized. Regardless of the reason, AI can help you discover and look at issues like this.

Artificial intelligence can help with risk management

Attorneys often come into the picture when a problem occurs. However, a big part of the job for many lawyers is trying to avoid legal issues in the first place. This is especially true for legal professionals who work for universities and insurance companies. This is known as risk management, and AI in law can play an important role here.

Artificial intelligence in legal tech can help you put together reports. You can then review them to analyze data and find hot spots and urgent issues. For example, you can use Legal Files Software to search for certain terms in emails and documents that could be problematic. By identifying these potential issues before they pop up, you can help avoid costly legal and public relations nightmares.

You can also use AI in law to run reports to look at previous issues and spot any trends. Using this information, you can see where your organization may need to develop trainings to avoid problems in the future.

Managing contracts with help from AI

Contract storage and management can be a nightmare for in-house legal counsel. Legal Files Software helps by providing a contract management feature. However, our tool is so much more than a glorified, digital filing cabinet.

We incorporate AI in our contract management tool to help you keep track of key information about each contract. For example, you can easily find information about a contract’s termination date and specific terms. You can also set up the software to let you know about important dates, such as when the notice of renewal for a contract needs to go out.

In the past, staff would do much of this work manually using a spreadsheet. This could lead to human error, including lapsed contracts. With AI, Legal Files Software offers you the tools to review your entire contract database for accuracy and consistency.

Your chance to shape the legal matter management software of the future

These are just a few of the areas where Legal Files Software has incorporated AI. Now that you know a little more about artificial intelligence, where in your practice could you benefit from AI? We recommend making a list of these areas and sharing them with us. Our team is always taking steps to expand and improve our software. By sharing your insights, you can help us design products to help you.

We believe that no one understands the practice of law better than our clients. You’re in the trenches every day and know what you need to do your job even better. Let us know and we can work together to design the legal matter management and AI products of the future.