Legal Case Management for the City of Pasadena

City of Pasadena

The City of Pasadena Trusts Legal Files Software for its Legal Case Management

Legal Files Software supports law firms and legal departments looking for new solutions

Sometimes, law firms and legal departments that have an existing case management software solution need to find a new provider. Whether the existing solution just isn’t working, the support is lacking or the current software is being phased out, finding the right legal case management solution to take its place is important.

When the City of Pasadena learned it would need to find a new practice case management system, the legal professionals there selected Legal Files Software to provide a comprehensive solution, combining both legal case management and document management.

The City of Pasadena needed to find a new legal matter management system

The Office of the City Attorney/Prosecutor provides the City of Pasadena with the highest quality of legal services. The Office is comprised of three divisions—civil, prosecution, and claims and insurance—and it handles all civil and criminal legal matters for the City. This is no easy feat, as it involves advising the City Council; city advisory bodies, commissions, committees, and departments; the Rose Bowl Operating Company; the Pasadena Convention Center; and the Pasadena Community Access Corporation.

Advising so many entities on such a wide variety of issues requires an effective legal case management solution. While the Office felt comfortable with its existing software, its IT department explained that its current database and storage solution would be phased out. The Office knew that it would have to look for a new legal case management system.

The City issued a formal request for proposals seeking the services of a software vendor who offered case and document management software, with data conversion and integration services. After reviewing all of the proposals, the City selected Legal Files Software.

The Legal Files team ensured a smooth transition to Legal Files Software

Legal File Software worked with the City of Pasadena to provide project management, data conversion and training. The Legal Files team completed thorough planning, training and testing to ensure a successful data migration, which was completed off-site over a weekend with the assistance of the City’s IT department.

Legal Files Software is the only legal matter management product that the City uses. According to Administrative Legal Secretary Janet Darnall, “All of our files exist in that program. All word processing and calendaring are done within Legal Files.” The reason is simple. Legal Files “makes it easy to locate and edit documents quickly. We had previously been using a document management program with some of the same capabilities; however, Legal Files has many additional and better functions,” Darnall said.

Darnall added that Legal Files also provided the Office with new and exciting features. “Legal Files gives us the added capabilities of group notices of calendar and to-do’s that we didn’t have before.” Legal Files Software includes a Group Calendar Wizard, which allows a user to schedule an event for multiple users at the same time. It also offers comprehensive task management for individual tasks.

In addition to these features, Darnall said that Legal Files Software’s unique email management features help keep the Office on track. This “Save to Legal Files” functionality  enables the case tracker software to work seamlessly with desktop applications, including Outlook, Word, and Excel. By clicking the “Save to Legal Files” icon, Legal Files Software automatically copies an email message and its attachments to the file of the user’s choice. Darnall calls this feature “an office favorite.”

“Go for it!” said Darnall, when asked if the City of Pasadena would recommend Legal Files Software. “The software has so many functions that are beneficial to our Office, and we are still discovering more ways to apply those functions.”