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Subject matter experts handle large amounts of information

Through investigations, accident reconstructions and forensic engineering, subject matter experts provide insight into issues such as property damage and medical malpractice. Although these experts are not always attorneys, the information they manage can have a bearing on important legal issues that could make or break a case for a legal department.

When managing large quantities of legally relevant information, subject matter experts need a powerful tool to keep everything organized. Legal Files Software is a highly moldable matter management software that can help track important information gained from investigations case management software.

Keeping investigations organized with matter management software

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “prospective customers shouldn’t be misled by our name. Legal Files Software is used in many types of organizations, not just legal departments. Many subject matter experts in property damage, medical malpractice, finance, commodities and insurance use Legal Files Software to track evidence, exhibits, interviews and so much more.”

For example, Warren Forensics is a forensic engineering firm that investigates accidents to determine what went wrong. Businesses often hire Warren Forensics to assist them as they prepare cases. “Outside counsel lawyers  need experts from firms like Warren Forensics, and these experts need Legal Files to help them be more organized and efficient in their work,” Matt said.

Subject matter experts and forensic engineering firms need to keep track of evidence, exhibits and interviews. “They aren’t always lawyers, but they need to track legally relevant information. Legal Files Software is flexible and moldable matter management that can track and present all of the information a client needs. In the case of investigations, our private investigator management software can track evidence, parties, contacts and many other pieces of vital information. The issues may or may not be legal, but they could all have legal implications. The ability to track this information is what first attracted customers like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to our matter management solution,” Matt said.

Legal Files Software is also a great option for organizations that need matter management for investigations and risk management. According to Matt, “Our software can handle the risk management side, too. By tracking important information, our electronic matter management can provide education on issues, allowing organizations to implement trainings that will help their employees conduct business better. Legal Files Software can help organizations be proactive to prevent problems within and be reactive to handle issues that occur outside of the organization.”

Developing a knowledge base

Customers can think of Legal Files Software as a knowledge base for their organization. “Rather than trying to organize all of the information from an investigation in a web of spreadsheets, emails, documents and sticky notes, subject matter experts can keep track of legally relevant information in one convenient location. This makes it so much easier to compile information that, ultimately, an attorney may use in a case,” Matt said.

The takeaway message for firms that specialize in investigations? “Don’t be misled by our name. Internal Investigation Software can handle all types of information–not just legal,” Matt said.