Cayuga County Implements Legal Files Case Management System for County Attorney

“Legal Files has been a game changer for us.”

Legal Files Software, Inc. recently completed implementation of its matter & legal case management software for the Cayuga County Attorney’s Office, in fulfillment of a contract entered into with the County late last year.

“My goal was to get the office organized and completely on Legal Files,” Cayuga County Attorney Christopher M. Palermo said. “When I came into this position a few years ago, we were entirely a paper office, organized with spreadsheets. The electronic documents we did have were stored in multiple locations, including network drives and staff members’ local hard drives. There was no consistency. Legal Files has been a game changer for us. This is going to have a significant effect on our operational efficiency. We already see how rapidly these benefits are materializing, and it’s only been a month.”

In addition to case management, the County Attorney Office is using Legal Files to automate workflow and generate and manage documents. Legal Files is also being used for email management, with staff members leveraging Legal Files’ integration with Microsoft Outlook to store and manage case related email together in the same case file with all other case related information.

In addition to the licensing of its software, Legal Files Software, Inc. provided training services, implementation assistance and project management, and will provide maintenance and support.

The Cayuga County Attorney serves as legal Adviser to the County Legislature and county officers in all civil matters involving an official act, and prosecutes and defends all civil actions and proceedings brought by or against the county, the County Legislature and county officers, among other duties.