Florida County Attorney Goes “Live” with Legal Files Software

The County Attorney’s Office in Monroe County, Florida, has successfully implemented Legal Files Software for its case management system, the software developer announced today. It is a technological first for the County Attorney’s Office which has long used multiple Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to manually manage its legal operations.

“We were in need of an electronic file and document management system,” paralegal Maureen K. Proffitt explained. “We had some unique requirements. Our staff works from different locations, so we needed a system that was remotely accessible and provided the most current information to everyone. Secondly, we manage a large variety of legal matters, numerous types, so we needed a system with enough flexibility to help us manage the entire operation.”

County Attorney Office and Information Technology staff researched various products and services and determined late last year that the best option to meet the County Attorney Office’s needs was Legal Files Software, Inc.  

Legal Files Software, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in the legal software industry and has numerous public sector customers, including agencies at every level of government.

For Monroe County, Legal Files staff members provided project management, implementation assistance and training. Legal Files and the County Attorney’s office worked together to custom configure the browser-based, off-the-shelf software to meet the Office’s requirements. Proffitt, who served as the County’s main contact for the project, said feedback on the new system has been very positive.