Illinois Guardianship & Advocacy Commission Chooses Legal Files Software for Case Management System

The Illinois Guardianship & Advocacy Commission has entered into an agreement with Legal Files Software, Inc., to license the Legal Files case management system for use by two divisions within the agency, the software company announced today.

Both divisions, the Human Rights Authority and the Legal Advocacy Service, plan to leverage Legal Files’ automated workflow, email management and document generation functionality, as well as its comprehensive case management features.

The Commission licensed the Enterprise configuration of Legal Files which was designed to meet the needs of organizations with multiple offices or multiple sections in the same or different locations. Under the Enterprise System, the Legal Files application is configured so that the organization has a single database containing several distinct, separate and secure “views” of the data.

In addition to the licensing of its software, Legal Files Software, Inc. is also providing implementation services for the project.

About the Illinois Guardianship & Advocacy Commission

Created in 1979, the Illinois Guardianship & Advocacy Commission protects the rights and promotes the welfare of persons with disabilities. By providing legal representation, investigating complaints of rights violations and providing state guardianship for Illinois’ population with disabilities, the Commission has given voice to those who have previously gone unheard.