Indiana Legal Services Moves Up To Legal Files Web

“It’s quite an advantage when you can leverage all the latest in technology from a known and long-term partner like Legal Files Software.”

Springfield, Ill., Feb. 19, 2016—Indiana Legal Services, a statewide non-profit organization which provides legal assistance in civil matters to low-income people and the elderly, will upgrade to the Legal Files web client application, Legal Files Software, Inc. announced today.

A Legal Files client for more than a decade, Indiana Legal Services is headquartered in Indianapolis and operates multiple offices throughout the state. The upgrade project includes Legal Files legal case management licensing and training for 155 attorneys and staff members. Indiana Legal Services currently employs the client server version of the Legal Files application.

Upgrading to the Legal Files web client application means that Indiana Legal Services team members will benefit from faster system response times in a thin client environment, a user-friendly interface with hyperlink connections for easier navigation, and an improved and expanded integration with Microsoft Outlook, as well as numerous other new functions and enhancements.

“The functional upgrades, of course, will be very useful for us,” said Indiana Legal Services Director Jon Laramore. “But, another important factor in our decision was that the Legal Files web client utilizes the same database model as our existing Legal Files client-server application so switching did not require a time-consuming or expensive data conversion. It’s quite an advantage when you can leverage all the latest in technology from a known and long-term partner like Legal Track Software.”

About Indiana Legal Services

Indiana Legal Services (ILS) is a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal assistance to eligible low-income people throughout the state of Indiana. ILS helps clients who are faced with legal problems that harm their ability to have such basics as food, shelter, income, medical care or personal safety. Most of the cases ILS handles are cases such as family law where there is domestic violence, housing, consumer law, access to health care, and access to government benefits. ILS does not handle any criminal matters. More information may be found at