Legal Files Implemented at Human Rights Commission

“We really felt Legal Files was everything we needed.”

Legal Files Software, Inc., a pioneering provider of case management solutions, is delighted to announce the successful implementation of its namesake software, Legal Files, at the Vermont Human Rights Commission.

“Legal Files was selected following a meticulous evaluation process and we’re confident that Legal Files addresses both the unique and ever-changing needs of the organization,” Commission Executive Director Big Hartman said. “We really felt Legal Files was everything we needed.”

The mission of the Human Rights Commission is to promote full civil and human rights in Vermont, protecting individuals from unlawful discrimination in housing, state government employment and public accommodations. Consequently, the implementation of Legal Files denotes a significant milestone in the Commission’s efforts to enhance its efficiency in managing complaints, investigations, litigation files as well as administrative concerns, general inquiries and projects, Hartman said.

Key Legal Files benefits for the Human Rights Commission include:

  1. Uniform System Usage: The Commission’s dream vision for a standardized approach to system usage has been realized, ensuring consistency across all users and facilitating smooth transitions, even with staff turnover.
  2. Reporting Capabilities: Legal Files Software, Inc. collaborated closely with the Commission to custom configure a robust reporting structure within its new system, catering to the commission’s diverse data and reporting needs for internal, management and external audiences.
  3. Workflow Management: With the implementation of Legal Files, the Commission now enjoys streamlined case management processes, thanks to Legal Files robust workflow management tools that adapt to varied paths and processes dictated by case type and status. The Commission is also leveraging Legal Files for recording and tracking inquiries that may not necessarily evolve into full-fledged cases.
  4. Document Templates: The introduction of document templates and automated document assembly  addresses the Commission’s need for consistency and eliminates version discrepancies in documents.

In addition to software subscriptions, Legal Files Software, Inc. provided assistance with system configuration, user training and project management during the Legal Files implementation.

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