McMaster University Implements Enhanced Data Management

The Office of Learning Environment and Mistreatment (OLEM) in McMaster University’s Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has taken a significant step towards enhancing its data management system by collaborating with Legal Files Software, Inc. The implementation of the Legal Files system marks a substantial enhancement in the office’s capabilities to efficiently manage and track its operations.

OLEM, which was recently established plays a crucial role as a destination for medical students and residents who have experienced mistreatment in various forms, enabling them to report grievances and make disclosures. Margaret Boyce, the Program Coordinator for OLEM, emphasized the critical importance of establishing a secure and effective data management system to house these reports and track communications.

FHS knew that as OLEM grew as an office, it would need a robust data management system to prevent bottlenecks in generating management reports and to ensure cases were appropriately forwarded to the relevant intake office. Upon reviewing a number of such systems, OLEM and the leadership at FHS felt that Legal Files Software, Inc. would best suit OLEM’s data management requirements.

After a recommendation from the University of Manitoba—another Legal Files customer—OLEM chose Legal Files for its reasonable price point, workflow functionality, case organization features and Outlook integration, which set it apart from other competitors.

Legal Files Software, Inc. provided a subscription to its software, and its in-house implementation team delivered training, implementation assistance and project management to the OLEM team, ensuring a smooth transition to the new data management system.

Legal Files is expected to play a key role in OLEM’s operations, enabling the office to effectively serve students, learners and trainees, and enhance the overall learning environment at McMaster University Health Sciences.