Municipality implementing Legal Files Government Case & Matter Management for In-House Legal Staff

The Town of Castle Rock, Colorado, is implementing its first-ever electronic legal case and matter management system for the Town Attorney’s office. Earlier this year town officials awarded a contract to Legal Files Software, Inc. to provide the software licenses and services required for the new technology to be implemented.

“We have a small in-house legal staff, but that doesn’t mean our work is any less complex or critical than larger cities,” said Legal Operations and Risk Manager Tiffany Ramaekers. “As a matter of fact, it’s because we have limited resources that it’s more important for us to take advantage of the functionality that Legal Files government case and matter management software provides. If you want your people to be as efficient as possible, give them the right tools.”

Town Project Manager Sheila Thogerson said that Legal Files will give the Town Attorney the ability to manage matters, cases, insurance claims, land use, water contracts and deeds in a more centralized and comprehensive way. Legal Files will also serve as the system of record for all the Town’s Attorney’s legal matters/cases, documents and related emails.

“Legal Files will allow more seamless collaboration and sharing between the Legal team members,” Thogerson said. “Using Legal Files’ automation and workflow tools, we’ll also be able to improve efficiency and turnaround times.”