National Joint Powers Alliance Chooses Legal Files Software, Inc.

The National Joint Powers Alliance has entered into an agreement with Legal Files Software, Inc. to implement the software developer’s legal case management system for the contracting agency’s Legal and Government Relations Department.

Using multiple systems in the department has led to a “piecemeal” approach, according to Misty Myers who serves as the General Counsel and Director of Government Relations for NJPA. This approach makes it more difficult and time consuming for departmental employees to operate as a cohesive team. “What we really needed was a legal case management application where everything is one place,” she said. “That’s why we selected Legal Files. Everyone has access to the most up-to-date information at any time.”

NJPA provides national cooperative purchasing contracts to more than 50,000 member agencies which include all governmental, educational and non-profit agencies nationwide and in Canada. The agency’s Legal and Government Relations Department is responsible for handling both in-house legal issues and government relations, including legislation tracking in all 50 states.

About NJPA

National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) is a governmental unit committed to providing cooperative solutions assisting governmental, educational, and nonprofit entities as they strive for efficient public service. NJPA’s creation was authorized in 1978 by Minnesota Statue 123A.21, Subdivision 1 as one of Minnesota’s nine service cooperatives and offers a variety of cooperative programs and services for members on a local, regional, statewide and national scale including Canada.