FL City Attorney’s Office Enhances Legal Ops with Legal Files Software

The Riviera Beach City Attorney’s Office has adopted Legal Files as its first-ever electronic legal matter and document management system, the system’s developer, Legal Files Software, Inc., announced today. This new implementation marks a significant advancement in the office’s operations, enhancing efficiency and the management of legal documentation.

Previously reliant on a cumbersome shared drive system, the City Attorney’s Office faced significant challenges in accessing and managing more than 20 years of critical legal documents and emails. “Our old manual system was like navigating a maze without a map,” Assistant City Attorney KeAndrea Davis said. “It was extremely difficult to find anything quickly because it lacked unified organization, and we had to rely on piecemeal search capabilities.”

The implementation of Legal Files followed a strong recommendation from a former colleague now with the City of West Palm Beach, a Legal Files customer who benefits daily from the software’s robust capabilities. Impressed by the improvements seen by its counterpart, the Riviera Beach City Attorney’s Office researched the system and decided to adopt Legal Files to enhance its own processes.

Legal Files provides an integrated solution that addresses the office’s previous challenges by offering centralized case management, advanced document management, automated workflows, custom windows, custom configured file menus and open file wizards. Additionally, Legal Files makes it possible to store and manage all pertinent emails and attachments with all other matter information.

“The implementation of Legal Files has transformed our operations,” Davis added. “Its ease of use and the ability to swiftly enter new cases and files has dramatically reduced the time we spend on administrative tasks. We’re now able to focus more on delivering quality legal advice and representation.”

During the rollout, the staff at the City Attorney’s Office were quickly won over by the capabilities of Legal Files, frequently expressing approval and enthusiasm for the new system.

The City Attorney’s Office plays a vital role in providing legal services to Riviera Beach, including drafting legal documents, offering counsel on liability issues and representing the City in various court cases. By incorporating Legal Files into its daily operations, the office is better equipped to manage documents and streamline administrative processes, ultimately reducing the City’s exposure to lawsuits and enhancing legal outcomes.

Legal Files Software also provided comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure a seamless transition and to fully leverage the system’s capabilities for the benefit of the City Attorney’s Office and the Riviera Beach community.